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The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 4: Mandy Pledges the Beta Delta Gamma Sorority at Vixen Colleg

Posted: 1 year ago - Jul 20, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 4: Mandy Pledges the Beta Delta Gamma Sorority at Vixen College.

Disclosure: The following erotic story contains descriptions of explicit fictional and nonfictional sexual content The likes of which may stimulate some and offend others so anyone not interested in reading such content or would be offended by it should stop reading and quit this page immediately. Any and all acts described in this story are either fictional or were between consenting adults of legal age to consent in all jurisdictions in which no acts described violated any applicable laws. 

This story follows Mandy as she begins her Sophomore year at Vixen College. If you have not yet rad Chapters 2 and 3, you are encouraged to do so, but this erotic story stands on its own, if you wish to continue. Kiss, kiss.

While going through my mail, I noticed that I had received an invitation to enter into the final round of consideration to join the Beta Delta Gamma sorority at Vixen College and was so excited I could barely control the jitters in my tummy. Beta Delta Gamma was THE most luxurious, best funded, and most popular   sorority on campus. My Guardian Mistress had gone to Vixen and had been the President of BDG when she was there, so in a sense, I was a Legacy Candidate, but that means not much these days as demand is very high to be invited to join the BDG Sorority.  

There I was, one of the chosen few who had only one last interview to pass before I would be asked to officially join the BDG sorority. The final interview, it was rumored, was something of a hazing ritual to which I was looking forward. I have always harbored something of a solacious soul and the idea of stepping into a situation in which I might be asked to engage in borderline sorority style hazing rituals got me excited, especially with the most beautiful girls on campus.  

As things progressed throughout the last day of interviews, I learned that I was one of only a few girls left for the 2 spots open in the sorority that semester. I finally was introduced to the girl who would be my cohort for the final hazing ritual . She was a stunningly beautiful cute little blonde. I introduced myself as Mandy, and she replied that her name was Julie. We met in the grant foyer of the sorority house during an afternoon tea service and we sat at the same table with two other senior members of the sorority, Ashley and Marci, or at least we thought they were both Senior members. 

About halfway through the tea service, Julie whispered to me that she was going to take a trip to the ladies room. That struck me as a good idea, so we subtly excused ourselves from Ashley and Marci at the table. Giggling and a bit tipsy from too much of the spiked tea, yeah, it was one of those tea services, , we made our way down a long marble hallway. I can still hear the clicking of our heels on the hard surface.  We found the bathroom door, an ornate, carved wood door that looked like it should be in a museum, it was so beautiful.  , I almost did not want to push on it.

The bathroom was opulent, yet simple. I took in the fixtures and made my way to a stall. Finishing up, I stepped out of the bathroom stall and saw Julie primping her long blonde hair in the mirror. I knew the sorority selection process was based in part on appearance, and Julie was seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She was trim and athletic, with beautiful golden locks, cute-as-a-button features, and a mischievous grin that she could summon on demand. I looked her over, jealously admiring the firm curve of her ass that strained the limits of her impossibly tight little skirt. I was very fit and one that most would call gorgeous with my soft, flowing mid-back length brunet hair with just enough shape to it, my svelte body, stunning facial model like features, tiny waist, perky 32D breasts,  and amazing pair shaped ass, high atop long, lean legs and weighing in at a svelte 115 pounds, but  dam, that blonde just had one of those perfectly tight little asses that even a fellow girl couldn’t help but longingly admire. We appeared to be about the same height at 5 feet 9 inches, but those darn high heels, you never know.  I let my gaze linger, mentally chastising myself for wearing skin tight jeans instead of a short skirt like Julie. I hoped the Final selections of the review board wouldn’t come down to that seemingly trivial wardrobe decision.

Then I looked up at the mirror, seeing Julie looking back at me in the reflection. She gave me a friendly smile and a wink, as I knew I had been caught checking out her ass for far too long. I blushed red with embarrassment, but she was kind enough to pretend it hadn’t happened.

I stepped up to the elegant sink fixture  next to hers, touching up my lipstick and giving my silky brunette hair a quick tussle with my fingers. I adjusted my ample cleavage in my low-cut blouse, noting that I certainly had her beat in that department. But I knew that we were both a couple of “lookers”. I couldn’t help but wonder how we stacked up against the other final few pledges, since neither Julie nor I had met any of the remaining girls from the other groups.

Locking eyes with me in the mirror, “It’s coming down to the wire, Mandy. I only hope that we, together, can pull this of. I would hate to see us not make it,” Julie remarked in a soft, serious tone. Even though I had never met her before today, I had a really good feeling as soon as I learned that she would be my cohort partner. She had an instant charm about her that just won me over. I hoped that if we did not get the last two coveted spots in the sorority, then, maybe, we could look into getting a place together on campus.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Ashley appeared and looked us up and down.  â€œWell, ladies, looking good, very good. As you know, there is one final ritual you need to perform and I’m going to be your facilitator for the final ritual,” she announced. “If you ladies are done fussing, I’ll take you to the next phase of your initiation ritual.” I had hoped that she would join us for tea as she was one of the real beauty’s of the Beta Delta Gamma sorority, probably one of the top 5 best looking girls in the entire house.  Cute ass, tiny waist and perky tits which were stretching the high neck, long sleeve sweater dress she was wearing. I had thought she looked a bit conservative for the day’s festivities, but thought nothing more of it.  

Abandoning any hopes of getting back to the afternoon tea service,  I gave myself one last glance in the mirror and then followed Julie out of the bathroom. We both obediently trailed Ashley further down the hallway, our high heel shoes clicking on the tile floor as we hurried to keep up with our light spiked tea buzz.

Without a word Ashley led us on a winding route, eventually down a dimly lit stairway into the sorority chapter room. The room had high two story ceilings, with a balcony, of sorts with plush arm chair seating clustered in mini half rooms open to the chapter room area  and a railing to keep things safe  above for on lookers to gaze down at what was happening on the main floor,

The main floor of the chapter room was arranged with comfortable seating around the perimeter of the square shaped room,  with a stunning, white satin circular 3 foot high plush couch. The round, luxurious couch had 4 2 foot square matching white satin and very plush cubes which seemed to be free to be moved around in whatever configuration was desired. When we walked in, the 4 cubes were oriented in a square like pattern with spaces between each cube.  The entire piece of furniture looked like an elegant white satin luxurious 10 foot circular bed with square pillows on it.

The noise from the crowd of girls in the Grand Foyer had long since faded away, and I began to get an apprehensive feeling, realizing how isolated we were down here with no one else around.

Ashley operated the lighting in the Chapter room with a universal remote. She turned off the lights in the balcony areas, dimmed the lighting in the perimeter areas, and activated bright spot lights on the center couch area. There were individual spot lights shining on each of the four cubes, and lesser, but still bright diffused lights illuminating the entire circular couch.

Ashley motioned for us to walk to the edge of the circular couch as she walked over to a drinks cart with what looked like a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket on it. She expertly opened the bottle of champagne with barely a hiss of air escaping and poured three tall flute golden liquid filled glasses. Somehow she carried all three glasses over to us and handed one each to Julie and I. 

“To your future as Beta Delta Gamma girls.” Was her toast in something of a congratulatory tone.

“Are we in?” Julie asked as she took her first sip of the delicious champagne.

“No. Not quite yet. We have one final set of tests in the form of our secret BDG ritual. If you perform well, with enthusiasm and grace, there is a high likelihood that I will recommend you both for admission into our sisterhood. Now drink up. Enjoy the finest that BDG has to offer as we begin.” Ashley announced with a slightly more breathy, sexy tone.

We were just partially illuminated with the bright lights bathing the circular couch and it must have looked like a movie set with us back lit against the white satin furniture behind us, holding sparkling glasses of champagne shimmering in the bright spot lights with long trails of fine bubbles emanating from the bottom of the glasses. It took no time at all and our glasses were empty.

I was holding my breath with nervous anticipation, not knowing what awaited us in the room.

Ashley took our glasses, returned them to the drinks cart and ushered us to the edge of the plush couch, closing and locking the doors to the chapter room with a noticeable click sound with her remote.

I looked anxiously at Julie. So far the sorority hazing had been relatively tame and harmless, but we had all heard rumors. I wondered what was in store for us next. With nervous anticipation, I turned my gaze to Ashley.

Ashley looked us over as we anxiously stood in silence. She slowly circled around behind us and then back around, inspecting us as I tried to resist the urge to fidget. Finally she broke the prolonged quiet. “As Beta Delta Gamma girls,” she began, “we have a  bond with our fellow sisters that goes far beyond a normal sorority. There is a depth to our commitment that cannot come from swearing an oath, or signing a piece of paper. It is a trust that must be earned, and a trust that must be tested to prove its worth.” Julie and I nodded, not really sure what we were agreeing to. Ashley’s  stern expression lightened into a smile. “Congratulations to you both on making it to the final circle of selection. You should be truly proud.”

Julie gasped, and I felt my heart flutter at the encouraging compliment.

“But...” Ashley continued, “you are now at your final series of tests. If you perform well, with enthusiasm, cleverness, and willingness to do what it takes,  then we will accept you into our sacred order. But if you fail these challenges then you will be asked to leave. And you are free to leave at any time if you choose not to continue. While you are both very young, you are of legal age in this state and capable of consenting to anything, and asked to consent you will be.  This is all entirely voluntary. Also, as you know the two of you are now a team. If one fails, then you both fail. Do you understand?”

Julie and I glanced at each other and then turned back to Ashley and nodded. We were both nervous, but excited to have made it this far. I knew we were both determined to do whatever it took to pass the final tests. Both Julie and I looked at each other and we simultaneously winked at each other as a sign of sisterhood solidarity.

“Excellent,” Ashley remarked. “Then we can begin. As I said, there is an emotional bond between the sisters of the Beta Delta Gamma order that must be forged and then tested. We will start with just a simple test of your commitment, which you two may demonstrate by sharing a passionate kiss.”

I felt my heart skip a beat. Had I heard her correctly? The blonde girl and I were supposed to kiss? I have had many sexual encounters with women, especially my Guardian Mistress, her female friends, and the many girls I have been encouraged to pick up by my guardian Mistress when we go out on the town for our Lesbian sex training sessions, but in this context? I was cautious. Was this another test? .  Nervously I turned to look at Julie, who also seemed hesitant and unsure of what to do. Maybe it was the champagne kicking in, or the combination of the liquor in the tea, or maybe something else, but my sense of arousal was heightened in an almost unnatural way.  Still staring at Julie, I was snapped back into the moment with Ashley’s words.

Ashley had little patience for our delay. “Well, I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable,” she announced. “I wish you both the best of luck at some other sorority...”

“No! Wait... wait!” Julie replied in a panic. “We’re good with this, right Mandy?” Her eyes were wide and her voice had a nervous tone to it, but she licked her lips and took a tentative step towards me, tucking some of her silky blonde hair behind one ear in an unmistakable flirty gesture. . She reached up and gently brushed her fingertips across my lips, closing the distance between us to just inches.

I felt a shudder of nervous energy go through me. But I tried to fake a display of calm. It didn’t seem that awful of a test, I tried to rationalize. I mean, where was the harm in a simple kiss? I just wanted to project the proper image at BDG. It was imperative that I get an invitation to join the Sorority. . I did not want to come off as a slut, and yet, given all of my sexual experiences orchestrated by my Guardian Mistress, by all measures, I was, in fact, a slut.


Shyly I looked at Julie, noting once again that she was in fact a stunningly beautiful girl. I closed the final few inches between us and traced my fingers along her cheek. I brought my hand to the back of her head and slowly pulled her towards me. Our lips met and we engaged in a lips only wet kiss. I had to admit, it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as I expected and her hair was as soft and silky smooth as it looked.

Neither Julie nor I dared to break off contact too quickly, wanting to prove ourselves to Ashley. The sorority girl stepped in for a closer look. “I’m not impressed, ladies,” she announced in a bored voice of disapproval. “Let’s get those tongues involved, nice and deep, and we need to increase the enthusiasm.”

Julie paused, and then parted her lips. I felt the tip of her tongue flutter out, nuzzling my lips. I opened my mouth and responded in kind. The tips of our tongues teased each other, and then Julie slipped her wet, warm tongue deep into my mouth, wriggling and exploring. After a moment she withdrew her tongue with our lips still locked, and I followed her inviting retreat, working my talented tongue deep into her mouth. I could feel her breathing change, taking on a deeper, more urgent pace. In response, I felt my nipples begin to swell and harden, the erect nubs raising visible protrusions in my blouse as I pressed myself against her heaving chest. I felt a shiver of excitement hit me as I wiggled my breasts ever so slightly to dual with what I was sure were her hardening nubs as well showing through her top.

Julie reached up and put her arms around my neck and began what could only be described as a full body French kiss, pulling my neck down a little so she could plunge her tongue deeper inside my more, and more willing mouth, wrapping her right leg around my hip  to draw our bodies tight together, causing her short, tight skirt to rise up her firm, pert ass.  I felt the sharp point of her heels push into my leg, and it was exhilarating. My hands worked their way down her back to her ass and pulled her in as well. Nipples to nipples, breasts to breasts, pelvises slowly grinding on each other, we made out for what seemed like 5 full minutes.   Julie had a very talented tongue, better than mine, and she was really throwing herself into the scene with the best kissing I had ever experienced, especially with the leg wrap move which locked me in place, and demonstrating a little dominance with the spiky end of her high heel occasionally digging into not only my leg, but also my ass as if she was spurring me on.

Finally Julie unwrapped her leg and withdrew, panting and doe-eyed with surprise and arousal at how I had responded.

“I’ve...ah... I’ve never...” she stammered in a husky, lust-filled voice.

I gulped and nodded in faux agreement, my eyes wide as a blush of embarrassment began to creep its way up my face. I had to keep my secret sex life private, at least for a while. What a great acting opportunity I thought as my faux embarrassment washed over me. ,  Nervously I gulped, breaking off eye contact and looking down at the floor to avoid falling under the spell of gazing further into her beautiful eyes.

“Very nice, ladies,” Ashley announced, causing us to jump in surprise. “Now for the next test, you’ll need to remove each other’s clothes.”

Again we hesitated, looking at each other in shock. Julie offered up a strangled choke of dismay. Maybe Ashley was joking? This certainly wasn’t like any sorority initiation I had been expecting. Ashley snapped her fingers, indicating that any further delay would be frowned upon. My heart racing, I knew I had to make a fast decision. Was I in, or was I out? We were so close. I couldn’t back out now. Julie seemed to share my feelings.

Ashley, seeming to realize that we might need some additional liquid courage, brought over two more sparkling crystal glasses of champagne. â€œMore?” She offered as she held them out for us to take.

Greedily we both reached out, took the glasses and downed the entire contents of the elegant champagne flutes in several gulps. After handing back the glasses to Ashely, Julie looked at me and winked again.   The champagne tasted a little different this time, sweeter, or was it something else. It was hard to tell as we were so nervous that it was just a gulp and gone moment with no time to savor the golden liquid.


 With a bashful lingering glance in my direction, Julie reached up with trembling fingers and began to unbutton her top.

Ashley shook her head in response. “No. I want you each to undress the other. Sisters in Beta Delta Gamma have no secrets from each other, and we must all feel completely comfortable no matter what the conditions. So come on ladies, it’s just us girls here, so let’s get moving and undress each other.”

Chastised, Julie quickly dropped her hands from the buttons of her blouse and looked at me with shy expectation. I felt the blush of embarrassment rise further up my face, but with nervous fingers I reached out and began to undo the buttons of her top. I finally managed to work my way through all the buttons and then peeled the silky garment off the blonde girl, pulling it up and out of her very tight waist band of her short skirt, tossing it on the floor where it laid like a puddle of elegant silk. I gave a glance at Ashley , hoping that she would give me a nod of approval that this had gone far enough. But she simply looked at us patiently and gestured with a head nod to continue. I gulped and reached up again, my fingers finding the front clasp on Julie’s bra, trying to undo the stubborn hook. In the process my fingers accidentally found their way into the blonde girl’s cleavage, and I heard her sigh in response. She closed her eyes, swaying slightly twisting her torso to give me full access to her breasts. I was ashamed to admit it, but my fingers spent a bit more time in Julie’s cleavage than was truly necessary and I lingered on the sight of her pert, upturned hard nipples . Once or twice, I dragged my little finger over her stiff nipples and noticed goose bumps form on her creamy tan flesh around my contact points. Under the poorly disguised pretense of wrestling with the tiny fastener, I slipped my fingers into the cups of her bra, relishing the feel of her incredibly supple breasts. Julie’s breathing was deep and urgent, and she didn’t make a single complaint as my fingers explored much further than what was needed, at one point, cupping her entire left breast in my right hand, gently squeezing it, feeling the hard nipple in my palm. Finally, after much fumbling, the little hooks unlatched, and I was able to peel Julie’s bra away. Her firm petite titties bounced free, and I couldn’t help but stare at their perky, upturned form, so soft and inviting. Her nipples were swollen into erect little nubs, betraying the girl’s obvious state of arousal. I nervously licked my lips, trying to deny the feeling in my gaff as my clit struggled to swell in the tight confines of its expertly tucked position in the crack of my cute ass. Yes, I am a T Girl and it is no secret on campus that many think of BDG Sorority to stand for Big Dick Girls. I secretly hoped that Julie was also a T Girl, but if not, no matter as she was simply irresistible

Julie blinked with a blush, and then took a step forward to undress me next. I was wearing a pull-over silk top, so I raised my arms as Julie worked to tug my tucked-in blouse hem out of my skin tight jeans. My heart was beating double-time as she drew the garment upwards. Her hands seemed to linger as her fingers gently stroked the sides of my large rounded breasts as she moved in close to raise the blouse over my head, our lips almost touching again as she reached up high to pull it over my arms. I stifled a gasp of surprise, unsure if this was an accidental brushing or a purposeful caress. Then she tugged upward on my blouse and it slipped over my head and free of my body. I shook out the tangles of my silky brunette hair, casting a shy look in the blonde girl’s direction as I brushed a few stray hairs from my face. Our eyes met for a moment, holding a lingering gaze. Julie dropped the garment and it fell like a puddle of white silk next to hers on the floor.

Julie stared at my chest, presumably studying on how to open my bra. “It hooks in the back,” I offered with a quiet whisper. The girl twitched in response, as if jolted out of a dream. She stepped in close and reached around me with her arms, working blindly behind my back. Her face was inches from mine and she took the opportunity to give me a quick. Luscious tongue flicking kiss before moving her head to my neck to try and look behind me. Why she did not simply walk around to my back was a mystery, but I did not complain as she nibbled on my neck, raising an entire crop of goose bumps on my creamy tan flesh.

She finally stopped nibbling and biting my neck, and got to work on the tricky clasp. As she worked the clasp, she moved her head back in front of me and buried her face in my ample cleavage. It would have been easier had I simply turned around, but as Julie’s hot breath washed across my tits, I didn’t want to argue with her approach. Julie blinked a couple of times and I could feel the delicate butterfly kisses of her eye lashes on the inner walls of my breasts and it made me shudder with an unexpected sensation of delight.  I glanced nervously at Ashley, hoping to meet with her approval. She watched us with appraising eyes and offered no comment, but was smiling brightly  so I figured we were probably doing okay. At last my bra clasp gave way. Julie took a step back as she peeled the straps off my shoulders. My naked tits were revealed, jiggling and quivering as they tumbled free of the large bra cups. My nipples stood firm and erect on my heaving chest, clearly betraying my own, growing state of arousal.

“Oh... my...” Julie shuddered, wide-eyed and impulsively raising her hand towards my exposed breasts. She took an involuntary half-step in my direction. But then she gulped and restrained herself. I felt an anxious shiver of forbidden lust race up my spine, knowing full well that I would have not raised a protest had the blonde girl’s fingers found their way onto my naked firm breasts to fondle them, squeeze them, pinch the nipples and, dare I say, nibble on them with her full, red lips.

Casting her eyes downward in embarrassment, Julie took a step back. I glanced at Ashley for instructions. “Keep going,” the sorority girl directed. I want to see you two little cunts completely naked.” Julie looked up in shock at the offensive term, and I thought she was going to cry. I felt a rush of protective anger surge through me. How dare Ashley use such term in reference to such a cute and innocent girl! But then I swallowed my feelings, knowing that the sorority girl was just trying to push our proverbial buttons as part of the test.

I stepped towards Julie, my hands shaking with nervousness as they found their way to her hips. Despite the tight fit of her skirt, not an ounce of body fat rolled over the hem. I slowly traced my fingers up and down her firm ass cheeks , admiring her form. She gazed into my eyes as my fingers slid down to her waistline, then worked their way around to the back of her skirt, finding the garment’s zipper. Our nipples were touching as I worked the safety clasp of the skirt and Julie just winked at me, betraying more of her arousal as she wiggled her nipples to force them to interact with mine. In the silence of the chapter room, the sound of the zipper being slowly drawn down was all-encompassing. Dropping to my knees in front of her, I tugged her tight skirt downward as she helpfully wriggled her hips back and forth to assist in the process. Freed from the rounded swell of her svelte hips, the skirt slid easily down her tanned and firm legs. Her skin had a golden tone from lots of time in the sun, but I noticed not a hint of tan lines, despite the impossibly small gaff panties the girl was wearing. Yes, yes, yes, I said to myself as I discovered her treasured secret that lay in wait for me, hoping that it was as big, long and thick as my clit.  Julie shifted her weight from foot to foot as I tugged the garment away, leaving her standing in nothing but high heels and her tight little panties. I looked up at her and she was exploring my eyes with hers to determine if there was any hesitation, any concern she could detect now that I surely knew her secret. I just winked and blew her a kiss with my lips and her eyes closed with a sigh of relief.

Ashley broke the silence with, “you can leave on the high heels, but the panties must go.”

I traced the straps of her high-heeled shoes up her calf and around her dainty feet as she steadied herself on my shoulders. My face was between her upper thighs and I could smell the wafting scent of her growing sexual excitement. Was that coconut oil I smelled? I thought to myself.  My mouth watered in an involuntary response, and I gulped in surprise at the strange urges that were washing over me. I could feel the sensation of butterflies in my tummy, and down lower my clit screamed to be released from its tucked position.

With her heels secure, and her legs now full of goose bumps from my touch,  I turned my attention to her last article of clothing -- her tight little thong gaff panties. Still on my knees, I looked up at Julie, but she had her eyes closed, just making slow grinding movements with her hips as if in a trance. I brought my hands to her hips, finding the narrow strip of elastic that comprised the hem of her panties. A small strip of dark blue cloth served as the tea bag crotch hiding her treasure . Unable to resist, I gazed lustfully at enticing swell of her panty-covered clit mound, creating a vaginal like dimple with her jewels tucked up and inside  her. She was smooth, so smooth, with no hair anywhere. The soft material was pulled up tight into the cleft of her clit slit, forming a perfectly obvious camel toe. As I savored the sight of her tucked clit between her legs gradually growing in size. I inhaled deeply. The unmistakable alluring pheromones of Julie’s T Girl clit going into heat hung heavily in the air.

MY pulse pounding, I slowly peeled the panties down off her hips. The panty crotch rolled downward, exposing her tucked clit. Her eyes still closed, Julie tightly clenched her petite ass cheeks as I pulled the thong of the gaff panties out of the crack of her ass. She sighed, unable to resist the urge to sensuously roll her hips as she savored the slow burning friction. She took a step with her right foot to the right after her petite gaff was off her leg

 and then I saw it. One of the most magical, magnificent hairless clits I had ever seen. It was very quickly engorging and swelling as it hung between her trim thighs. I looked up again and she was still with her eyes closed, hands on my head to balance, grinding her hips in a slow, circular motion as her clit began to stiffen and point right at my lips. I have never seen a clit grow in size that quickly and just marveled at its beauty.  

Oh, my god, I said to my self. So lovely, so huge. So thick, so beautiful. I wanted to just open my lips and inhale it into my wet, warm inviting mouth, but resisted the urge. Her clit was now just Inches from my face, her scent musky and yet, very feminine.  A hint of lavender and coconut I could detect.

My mouth watered as I forced my eyes away from the inviting sight, dragging her gaff panties down the rest of the way off her other leg. She stepped from foot to foot as I removed her panties, causing her clit to slap my face and bounce off the top of my head momentarily as she shifted her weight. I looked up and she looked down with a slightly embarrassed look as her clit was still engorging with strands of my silky brunette hair wrapped around it. The sensation must have been pleasant as she just continued to steady herself with one hand on my head, almost guiding me to her clit as she gave me soft, delicate finger caresses on my head.

On shaking legs I finally stood up. I noticed after a moment that I was still possessively clutching Julie’s thong gaff panties in my hand, smelling the coconut oil scent, nervously rolling the moist, slippery material through my fingers. She definitely had used coconut oil to lube something and I hoped, prayed, that it was her anal star which had leaked some of the slippery oil onto her gaff. 

“You want to save that slippery toy for later?” Ashley inquired with a grin. Mortified, I reluctantly dropped the panties to the floor, feeling the slippery coconut oil fluids lingering on my fingers.

I looked up as Julie approached me. Taking her hands in mine, I guided her to the waistband of my tight jeans. She had to bend over slightly as her clit was now fully hard, erect and pointing up right at me. She initially hesitated making contact with it against me, but that bashfulness soon faded away.  She brought her face to mine and once again our lips met, nuzzling in a sensual deep French kiss, her tongue doing most of the work now, exploring probing, flicking, tickling my tongue, her arms in a sensual embrace around me. As I felt the button on my pants easily come undone at her touch, I marveled at the sexual tension in the air where there had been none just moments ago. Once again the noise of a zipper was the only sound in the room as Julie opened up my jeans. Her wet tongue slipped into my waiting mouth as her fingers found their way down into the top of my pants. “Naughty girl, you’re wearing the smallest thong panty I have ever felt,” Julie observed breathlessly as the tips of her fingers played with the delicate lacey top of my thong gaff. I, too, was so smooth and completely hairless, which brought a silent smile to Julie’s cute lips as she explored down my skin tight pants. She found my jewels tucked inside an stopped for a second in surprise as she looked deeply into my eyes and gave me that knowing look. The “Oh my good God, you are a sister T Girl as well.” Look.   I just winked at her and blew her a reciprocal air kiss with my full, red lips.

Julie traced her finger between my jewels in what appears like a vaginal slit, but is not. I shuddered in response, offering no resistance to her intimate touch. She explored lower, slipping just the tip of a single finger between my legs held tight by the skin tight jeans to explore my tucked clit. She found a straining bulge just waiting for release, and in appreciation of her discovery, she thrusted her hips forward and stabbed her hard clit between my legs to let me know that she was pleased.

Julie and I were so raptured with each other, we did not notice that Ashley had walked over to the drink cart,, put the crystal champagne glasses down and was reaching up to the back of her neck to unzip her tight sweater dress. In one long unzip motion, she completely unzipped the cute dress with the hidden zipper flap in the back. I had never even noticed that the dress had a full length zipper feature. Like unwrapping a reverse robe, she pulled off the dress from the front to reveal the sexiest, most alluring, outfit I had ever seen. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed what Ashley was wearing and but for the attention Julie was given my tucked clit, I would have turned my head to take in a full view.

Ashley was in a fully coordinated, stunningly sexy, all hot pink outfit.  A hot pink choker collar with a dangly shiny gold “3S” pendant hanging from a similarly shiny gold ring connected to the collar in the front center. A tightly cinched hot pink corset with quarter cup shelf style bra cups  that accentuated her petite, tiny waist and really highlighted her hour glass figure while pushing up and out her full breasts. Her tits were gorgeous, full, round, probably a 32D and the shelf style bra just had the tantalizing effect of highlighting her upturned nipples which seemed to be hardening now that they were exposed to the air.   The corset was attached with straps to her hot pink thigh high stockings which adorned her beautiful, long, lean legs. She was wearing a tiny thong tea bag style panty with just strings on her lean hips. It seemed that she was a biological female, her thong panty pulled up and tight into her pussy slit, basically exposing her labia lips which seemed to be engorged. The resulting camel toe effect of her panties being pulled up so tight  was like an eye magnet. .  She had on hot pink high heel shoes and matching hot pink elbow length hot pink satin fingerless gloves which attached to her hand with a loop around her middle finger. She was stunning, really stunning and in the corner of my vision, I noticed that she was now sauntering over to us with a bag in her hand.

I was brought back to the feeling between my legs and looked down. Hearing no hint of protest from me, Julie dared to press her finger deeper through my legs to find my clit head as she broke off our kiss. I clung to her tightly as her lips nuzzled their way to my ear. I turned my head to the side, giggling playfully as her wet tongue slipped inside my ear lobe, one of my highly sensitive erogenous zones.

“”somehow I knew, just knew you were like me. I hope it is big, long and thick like mine!” Julie whispered in my ear as she began to tongue it like a French kiss.

Julie’s teeth gently nipped at my ear lobe in a teasing manner before her tongue resumed drilling its way into my ear. My breathing coming in desperate little gasps, I widened my stance half a step and slowly rolled my hips in response. Julie was quick to pick up on my unspoken invitation to bury her entire hand deep between my legs to feel my tucked clit head trapped between my firm ass cheeks.  I shivered as my fingers roamed in random patterns across her naked back, our breasts dancing with each other, our nipples teasing and poking their hard nubs into our soft breasts.

Breaking the rules that Julie was supposed to undress me, I brought my hands to my waist and squirmed as I worked my tightly-clinging designer jeans down off my hips and thighs. As I wriggled through the effort, Julie wormed her talented index finger ever deeper into the clutching tunnel between my legs, tracing my clit as it was bent back and tucked between my ass cheeks in the confining tight garment. . All the while she never missed a beat as she continued to wiggle her hard nipples against mine, and alternately nibbling on my earlobe and tickling the tip of her warm, wet tongue deliciously into my ear. “Deeper?” she teased in a whisper. I nodded eagerly, as my words failed me as I was panting an don’t in any condition to give a coherent audible response.  I was not sure if she was referring to her tongue in my ear or her fingers between my legs, and then realized that it did not matter.

Lost in a steamy fog of T Girl lesbian lust, I was only barely aware of Ashley as the sorority girl moved in behind me. Her hands found their way to my hips and then explored lower, caressing and squeezing the naked firm, muscular cheeks of my cute ass. I shivered with delight, sandwiched between the two beautiful girls, feeling the hard nubs of Ashley’s nipples poking into my creamy tan flesh on my back. Julie snaked her index fingers into the side straps of my gaff and tugged them down just a bit, but her arms were not long enough to push them all the way down so they were just off my hips, creating a little space in my gaff panties. As Julie found my clit head within my gaff panties  an gently coaxed it forward and out of the clutches of my taunt ass cheeks, she continued to nibble at my ear. Ashley’s  roaming digits eased their way into the crack of my ass under my, now lowered,  thong gaff. I pressed myself back against her instinctively. I tried to spread my legs into a wider stance, but the jeans bunched up around my knees was limiting my movement. I choked down a squeal of surprise as the sorority girl’s fingers slipped deep into the cleft of my butt cheeks, working their way ever lower. I trembled at her touch, her hot breath on my neck, her nipples drawing patterns on my back,  giving me more goose bumps. I could feel her explore ever closer to my private little anal star.  Did she know how close her finger tip was to my star?  How would she react if she accidentally touched my cute, wrinkled star? My heart pounded with forbidden expectation.

Julie withdrew her hand from between my legs, believing that it was time to get me out of these confining skin tight designer pants.  She knelt down an            off my 4 inch high heels so that she could pull the legs of my jeans over my feet. Ashley saw what Julie was doing and grabbed my hips to steady me. I could feel the soft fabric of her corset with shelf bra feature push into my back and the stiff points of her nipples against my flesh as they poked out from her beautiful breasts. Ashley’s hips were pressed into my ass and I wondered if she, too, was a T Girl despite what I had just seen of her pussy. No need to rush things, I thought as I balanced on one foot so Julie could remove one, and then the other legs of my jeans. Julie, with a mischievous smile on her face and still crouched down , snaked her index fingers under the side straps of my thong gaff and, like a kid opening a present, she smiled as she pulled the thong gaff down. I felt the familiar friction of the garment being pulled between my tight ass cheeks and then feel it roll down my thighs as Julie kept tugging at the sides.  I was sure that some of the coconut oil lube I always use to keep my anal star ready had leaked onto the panties and as Julie gently lifted one and then the other of my feet to remove it from my legs, I could see her bring it to her nose to enjoy. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply, feeling some of the slippery coconut oil   , on her fingers as she clutched the treasured garment.

Julie then strapped my high heels back on, as commanded by Ashley, and with my pants no longer confining my legs, I took a small step to the side to release my clit. 

Julie gasped as she saw it swing between my legs and almost hit her in the face. My clit, like hers, is about 10 inches long, 2.5 inches thick and very soft, smooth and hairless. Julie just stared at my engorging clit with awe and fascination.  I have never engorged so quickly, became so hard so fast in my life.  In just moments, my clit was hard enough to be horizontal, pointing right at Julie’s face, just inches away from her lips. I could feel her hot breath on it and it made me twitch.  

I was so aroused, there was a drop of precum at my tip and Julie used her right index finger to capture it. She moved her finger to her lips as I watched, and sensuously sucked off my juices, closing her eyes as she savored the taste. Then our eyes locked and I licked my lips, unconsciously mimicking her actions. She then stood up, brushed her finger across my lips, giving me just a taste of my sweet little precum juice. She pushed her finger forward and I eagerly sucked it into my mouth, flicking and sucking it with my tongue and lips.  Then she returned her hand -- dripping wet with our mixed saliva -- to my hardening clit. She teased me, gently rubbing my clit head with her slippery wet fingers and slowly rolling her fingers over my tiny slit, hoping to coax out another drop of Precum. She shifted her stance and pulled her clit up so that they were both between us. Amazingly, they were very similar, both around the same length and girth. At one point, she pushed them together so that her slow grinding motion had the effect of humping our clits together in a solacious clit to clit dance, her looking down the entire time to make sure the sensitive under head areas were rubbing together. .

Ashley leaned in and whispered into my ear, “enjoy the feeling. See how hard you are, how fast you inflated? I gave you a little chemical assistance with that last glass of champagne you both guzzled down and now you both will be hard as rocks for hours.” With that said, she bit my ear to cut off any protest I might have made.

Ashley then reached around and found Julie’s hand to put something in it she had taken from the bag she brought over. “ Put these on yourself and Mandy.” Ashley commanded.  

Julie felt what was in her hand and just smiled at me, not even needing to look at them. Ashley had given Julie 2 Beta Delta Gamma cock/clit rings. They were sparkly with the Greek letters BDG on them. The material looked like shiny gold, but they were not metal. Maybe gold colored leather.   Julie started with herself and fastened the clit ring around the base of her clit, making sure to pull her jewels through, and making sure to secure it very, very tightly using a clever locking mechanism which did not pinch at all,  and the BDG logo proudly showing right on top. Julie seemed familiar with the mechanism and knew that the tighter it was, the more it would make her clit swell to larger, harder proportions. She then leaned in to kiss me again with her wet, slippery tongue as she fastened the clit ring around my clit base, also making sure to pull my jewels through, and also, making sure to secure the ring very, very, almost too  tightly around my now throbbing love pole. I felt her grab my tongue with her teeth as she cinched the clasping mechanism tight to make sure I could give no protest, knowing that I would forgive her later for the force she applied. My clit responded immediately as it swelled and hardened further.  It seemed like the sensitivity heightened and every little whisper of sensation was magnified. Julie’s feather like stroking up and down my entire shaft  with just her finger tips nearly caused my knees to buckle. 

Ashley then handed Julie one more item she had pulled from the toy bag which I could not see with my mouth full of Julie’s tongue. This item, apparently, was a guarded secret part of the BDG initiation ritual, custom made for each girl, and it just so happened that Julie and I were the same length and girth.  It was a rabbit fur lined leather sleeve, about 4 inches in diameter and a foot long. . Again, Julie seemed to be familiar with the item and aligned the opening of one end of the sleeve to the tops of our clits which she pulled up to rub together in a vertical posture. As she slipped the rabbit fur down our shafts, I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

“Holy fuck,” Julie whispered just loud enough for me to hear. â€œThis feels amazing,.” As she gyrated her hips to wiggle her clit in the sleeve to rub against my clit. 

The leather sleeve had two Velcro tightening straps and Julie adjusted the girth so that our clits could rub together and against the soft rabbit fur, but so that the sleeve would not come off.

Julie resumed her ear nibbling and tongue thrusting into my ear and, oh, my god, I was in heaven. Our hips began to involuntarily move and our clits slid together in the rabbit fur to create an erotic sensation the likes of which I could not have even imagined.  Ashley snuggled back behind me, hands on my hips, encouraging my hip movement to thrust into the rabbit fur lined toy, grinding her pelvis against my ass and continuing to draw random figures with her rock hard nipples on my sensitive, creamy back.

“Please...” I begged, closing my hand down over Julie’s and pulling her tight against our trapped clit heads inside the sleeve. She grinned at my shameful display and then rewarded me by tightening her grip around the leather encased rabbit fur sleeve around our clit heads. The effect was electric. Our clit heads were forced together and she orchestrated the soft, under head sensitive parts to rub together as our hips grinded. The rabbit fur acted like a soft, sensuous love tunnel, slowly caressing our clits, Julie’s hand moving the sleeve up and down  stroking them into a frenzied state of arousal. 

Add to this the fact that Julie’s other hand was moving over one of my breasts like a velvety soft strand of fabric brushing over my erect nipples, and I was coming undone.

A lustful grunt formed in my throat as I felt myself delightfully  hardening even mor than I thought possible, feeling every inch of Julie’s clit against mine, her ridges, her veins, her love pole throbbing against mine, both of us engorged beyond belief with us wearing the matching and logoed BDG clit rings.

Ashley meanwhile, continued her relentless exploration of my ass crack, digging her way ever closer to my tightly clenched little anal star, made easier now that my legs were spread apart a bit. The tip of her middle finger made contact with the sensitive and highly aroused wrinkled flesh around my anal star and I flinched in surprise and then groaned, grinding my hips slowly in response, feeling her hips pressed into my ass move with mine. Encouraged by my actions, Ashley circled inward, her finger finding and gently rubbing the center of my tightly puckered anal star. I twitched in shock at the intimate touch, but then bucked my hips in a sensual rolling motion in time with the beat of the current song on the luxurious sound system, having the duel effect of rubbing my clit against Julie’s within the confines of the soft, furry sleave, and pushing my anal star around Ashley’s middle finger. Ashley leaned in, nuzzling her way through my silky brunette hair. Her soft lips caressed the back of my neck and her tongue darted out, tickling in a sensual licking action. Julie resumed her efforts on my ear on the other side  and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

“don’t you dare cum yet,” Ashley hissed into my ear as she bit it. â€œYour first orgasm will be one you will remember for ever if you can hold out. Trust me Pledge Mandy. Show me your control. Demonstrate to me that you have what it takes to be a BDG girl. We at Beta Delta Gamma pride ourselves at sexual control and I want to witness how good you are at not only controlling yourself, but also in following my commands. Part of your ritual test will be to determine how compliant you are, how willing you are, how eager and responsive you are, and, of course, how enthusiastic you are” 

After her little speech, Ashley slowly increased her pressure with her finger, attempting to overcome the resistance of my firmly clenched little anus. “Ummm...” She purred in my ear. “You’re little asshole is SO tight. Do you think maybe it’s too tight for me to even get my finger in there?”

To my shock and embarrassment, my immediate response was to shake my head ‘No’. Blushing, I again widen my stance a bit more, arch my back at the risk of losing clit contact with Julie, and  slowly ground my hips in a sensual motion, pressing myself back against the unyielding pressure of her finger, letting her feel how I could clinch and unclench my star for her. I reached back and around to grab my firm ass cheeks and pulled them apart for her in a brazen display of my willingness to continue. She giggled in my ear. “Slut,” she whispered. “If you make it into our Sorority, I might just drill that cute little anal star of yours every night.” I groaned at the thought, knowing I should protest and try to defend my honor, but the words failed me as I just let go to the feelings all around me. Ashley applied more pressure as Julie’s caressing hand worked our clit heads together in a grinding dance. I gasped as I felt my star stretch, and suddenly the tip of Ashley’s  finger eased gently into the clutching grip of my star. I considered this to be one of those occasions in which I would exercise control over my star and make it seem like I was a tight holed virgin for my lover’s pleasure. Fact is, I have been fucked so many times that I have lost count, especially if you count all the times with my guardian Mistress during our anal training sessions, to say nothing about the dildos I have shoved up there so many times. This, however, was my first time in the BDG house, and I was going to make Ashley think that I was a virgin. 

She slowly twisted back and forth, creating a heavenly sensation in my most intimate little orifice. She suddenly withdrew her finger, smelled the residual coconut oil I always use to lube my ass , you know, just in case, and brought her fingers to my mouth. Without even thinking about where her fingers had been, I eagerly sucked one, then two then three of her fingers into my mouth, lathering them up with my oral juices, wetting them for what I knew was coming. 

“More?” Ashley teased. I could only nod numbly in a shameless response, but she wanted my commitment. “How much?” she demanded in an urgent whisper. She withdrew the dripping fingers from my, oh, so, willing mouth, and placed them all at the entrance to my lust hole.

The motion of her fingers came to a frustrating halt, awaiting my reply. My eyes clouded with tears, realizing the depths that I had sunk to. Ashley waited, trying to make me beg her to fuck me up the ass. I couldn’t do it. I knew I couldn’t make myself beg for such an act of depravity, no matter how good -- how incredibly wonderful -- it felt. I had learned that I should never, never beg from all of the training sessions with my Guardian Mistress, but this was special. This was my chance to get into BDG Sorority.  

And then, slowly, the words seem to form all on their own. “Pl...Please...” I gasped in a barely audible tone. Ashley’s  slippery middle finger wriggled ever so slightly, waiting for a more definitive answer. I gulped, forcing down my inhibitions. A tear of shame rolled down my cheek. “Please... Miss Ashley,. Please fuck me up my asshole. I want it -- all of it. I want your fingers, all of your fingers deep inside me, as far as they will go, Please.”

Finally satisfied, Ashley slowly brought her middle 3 fingers together into a cylinder shape, and eased the entire length of her finger bundle into the depths of my quivering ass. I could feel first just her middle finger, then two, then three of her slippery fingers just moments ago in my mouth, plunge deeply into my tight anal star.

Ashley began to thrust in and out of my rapidly succumbing puckered anal star as Julie continued to grind our clits together in the velvety smooth rabbit fur sleeve, still tracing little circles around my nipples with the fingers of her other hand, giving me little encouraging tongue kisses with that luscious mouth of hers . I could tell that Julie was getting close to cumming and I quickly whispered in Julie’s ear, ”Baby, slow down, Miss Ashley wants us to wait for what she has planned next. I know that I am so close myself, so take your hand off our clits and just kiss me deeply.”

My knees buckled as the warnings of a convulsive orgasm began to simmer within me and I was just barely able to control it as Julie removed her hand orchestrating our clit head rubbing movements before I hit the point of no return. 

My thighs began to shudder, but Julie stopped just in time. Julie expertly met my lips with a calming, sensuous kiss to slow us down. She bit my tongue, hard, and I would have shrieked in pain an surprise, but the act had the intended effect. My mounting orgasm receded.  I took the opportunity with three fingers plunging into my ass, my hips wiggling to take more, to tell Julie about the chemical erection enhancement we had taken as part of our last glass of champagne. Julie just pulled her mouth from mine and rested her forehead against mine, panting, trying to calm down herself. 

Julie whispered, “Of course. That explains it. I have never got that hard that fast in my life, and the sensitivity. My clit is so sensitive. I can feel each and every strand of the rabbit fur glide along my shaft,” continuing to take short breaths as she savored the residual clit rubbing feeling within the fur lined sleeve.

“And the clit ring! Oh My god, my clit is ballooning to massive, sensitive proportions. Is yours?”

I could not speak as Ashley shoved her three fingers deep, so I just nodded. All the while, I could feel Ashley’s three fingers wiggling in my back door fuck slot, working my anal G Spot. The bitch.

Julie panted, “ I cannot take any more,” and with that, she loosened the straps  around the length of the fur lined leather sleeve and pulled it off our throbbing clits . She just opened her legs and grasped my right thigh with her muscular legs to avoid her own point of no return, just slowly grinding her hips against my thigh. I could feel her oozing precum on my leg and was thankful for her restraint.

I was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion when suddenly Ashley pulled her fingers from the clutching depths of my anal star, leaving my sphincter gaping and fluttering in desperation. I began to beg her to return, but her voice rudely intruded into my passionate haze.

 â€œOK, ladies, if you could finish rubbing off your clits on your own time, I would like to continue with the initiation ritual.”

 I mewled in quiet protest as Julie released her thigh grip on my leg abandoning me just on the brink of a quivering orgasm. I groaned in frustration, desperately turning to look at Ashley with pleading eyes. The girl wore a knowing grin on her expression, confirming my suspicion that she had timed her interruption with the purposeful intent of prolonging my state of sexual distress.

Then I felt Julie’s fingers on my chin, as she encouraged me to look at her. I slowly turned my gaze from Ashley as Julie raised her fingers, as she opened her mouth and mimicked giving a blow job to two of them, never breaking eye contact with me, and letting me know what she was willing to do to get me off if given the chance. After wetting her fingers, she extended them to my mouth and I hungrily devoured them, sucking, licking and caressing them with my tongue and mouth, giving her a knowing look in return with what I was also willing to do for her. Sighing with pleasure, nostrils flaring for breaths,  savoring the taste of her wet fingers. I sucked sensuously at her fingers, applying my lips and tongue to wash them clean. I wrapped my fingers around her wrist, clinging to her tightly. But all too soon I had washed all the intoxicating taste of her mouth from her fingers and reluctantly let her petite wrist slip from my grasp.

Julie reached out and grasped my hand as we turned to face the smirking sorority girl, giving me a knowing squeeze before letting go and putting her hands on her beautiful hips in something of a superwoman pose. 

We turned to face Ashley, the temptress  administering our tests, our clits strapped tightly with the  clit rings, clits engorged to massive proportions, hard and pointing up and right at her in twin salute to our Mistress for the moment.

I wondered what the “S3” stood for, especially why the letter S was being raised to the third power,  on her collar, and it would take a while for me to learn what it was short for, but did not ask then. Rather, I just shyly looked down in silent submission and tried to focus on a song in my head to slow down the sexual arousal.

“So, are we in?” Julie asked in a shy, demure voice.

“Oh, you are not in yet, but I will tell you when you are in. For sure, I will tell you when you both are definitely in.” Ashley stated with confidence.

“Well, you two little unicorns are certainly... enthusiastic,” Ashley remarked, gesturing to our 10 inch long love poles pointing right at her. . “It looks like you’re trying for some extra-credit points.” I should have taken offense at the term, but at the moment it was difficult to argue against. I felt as if my entire existence was being controlled by the powerful urges of my naughty large clit. Embarrassed at our display, we both blushed in shame. I couldn’t help but notice however that Ashley’s  nipples formed erect and tantalizing bumps on her breasts as she proudly pushed them out and up with the help of her corset.  She was so stunningly beautiful in the sexy outfit, with her wafer thin waist and jutting breasts spilling out over the top of the quarter cup shelf bra cups, and that “S” pendant shimmering in the bright light of the spot lights shining down from above.  Was I being hypnotized by it?

“A bit too quiet in here, don’t you think? Ashley asked not expecting a response. She reached for the remote and pressed a few more buttons an a soft, rhythmic music filled the air with more volume. Buddha Bar style music hit us and it was very soothing, calming and soon, Julie and I were swaying our hips to the beat of the song playing over the state of the art sound system.

“yes, Miss Ashley,” I said in a reverent tone, not sure to what I was agreeing but it seemed like the thing to say giving her a shy smile, wondering if she might be tempted back into joining us in our three way, hoping that it might benefit our prospects of joining the sorority, , or at least it might increase the odds of her finger wriggling its way back into the depths of my tight, anal star, Either way would be just fine with me. But before I could figure out a subtle way to hint at the subject, she returned to seriousness.

 â€œYou’re... ah... you’re both doing very well,” she complimented, her eyes washing over our naked, sexy, and fully erect  supermodel bodies. “I think we’re ready to take this on to the next test.” She said, a little panting herself with arousal.


Julie and I nervously looked at each other, worried about what was coming next. Julie nervously reached out and grabbed my hand to give it a little squeeze to let me know that she was committed to me, to us. I interlaced my fingers with hers as a sign of solidarity.   I turned my head just a bit and was awe struck at Julie’s beauty. Flowing blonde hair, pert, upturned nipples hard with arousal, a wafer thin waist and that ass, I just wanted to touch it, caress it. We stood there like two naked super models, holding hands, waiting for what may come.

Ashley continued with her instructions. “As Beta Delta Gamma members, nothing is off limits between sisters in the order,” she explained formally. With that, she led Julie up onto the circular couch, and up onto two of the plush cubes. Ashley instructed her to get down onto her hands and knees in a vulnerable and submissive posture, with her hands on one cube and her knees and cute high heeled feet on another, with about a 2 foot gap in between.

The blonde beauty complied, anxiously looking back over her shoulder as Ashley motioned for me to approach Julie from behind, coaxing me up onto the rear cube on my knees.

I knelt down behind Julie’s naked body, looking at the sorority girl for my next instructions. I had no idea what was coming next, but turning my admiring gaze back to Julie’s firm, naked rear end, I felt a tremor of eager anticipation shiver through me.

“We’ve all heard the phrase that you have to kiss some ass to get ahead,” Ashley explained. “In this test, that is literally true. Mandy, I want you to prove you have no inhibitions when it comes to your sorority sisters. I want to see you kiss Julie’s sweet little ass. Remember, willingness, enthusiasm, and imagination will be evaluated with this test.” Ashley purred as the sexy music filled the chapter room all around us. The sight of her pert, firm ass  wiggling in anticipation of what was to come.

Trembling, I reached out and gently caressed Julie’s upturned rump. Goosebumps raised on Julie’s skin at my touch, even though the room temperature was pleasantly warm. I was thankful at least that we had some degree of privacy in the chapter room. Tentatively I leaned in and pressed my lips lightly to the firm flesh of Julie’s naked butt cheek. She twitched as my lips made contact, but offered no complaints. My red lipstick left a tell-tale signature mark on the tanned flesh of her rump. I nervously looked up at Ashley , hoping for her approval in this awkward situation.

Ashley however shook her head. “What did I tell you to do?” she asked, her arms crossed across her bare breasts, just covering her nipples. Wearing a disapproving look on her face, Ashley waited.

“You... You told me to kiss her butt,” I replied quietly, unsure of myself.

Ashley said nothing, and a long awkward silence hung in the room as I tried to figure out how I had earned her disapproval.

“Oh... Oh my god,” Julie suddenly exclaimed in a hushed whisper as she looked back at me with her eyes wide in shock.

I looked at her, confused. “She... she said...” Julie stammered, and then turned away, a blush of red shame washing over her expression.

“What?” I inquired. “She said I had to kiss your butt to pass the test.”

Julie shook her head as she whispered something, but her voice cracked nervously and faded away. I leaned in close as she took a deep breath and then repeated herself. “She said ass, Mandy. I think she wants you to... oh god... you have to kiss me... you know... on my ass.” She whispered.

“But I did,” I replied in barely a whisper. Julie once again shook her head in disagreement. Still confused, I looked up at her alluring, upturned rump. Julie trembled with a nervous shiver and then spread her knees to a wider stance. She rolled her hips up high as she curved her back downward. Her cute little butt was perfectly presented as the crack of her ass opened wider.

Suddenly my entire vision focused down on the puckered little dimple nestled in the deep crack of Julie’s shapely rear. My heart pounding, my lower jaw dropped as I turned to look at Ashley in shock. My understanding finally began to dawn on me. The sorority girl nodded slowly in response with a grin on her lips. I hesitated, a rushing sound in my ears as my pulse pounded frantically. Did she really mean... “Oh my god,” I whispered, repeating Julie’s earlier exclamation as I finally understood. “You mean... kiss her... like right on her... I... ah, oh miss Ashley... I don’t know...” I was mixing faux emotion with real emotion, again wondering if I was supposed to resist as part of the test.

Chewing my lower lip in a faux nervous fit, I pondered my options. We were so close to getting in, I chided myself. Wasn’t I willing to do whatever it took? And how could I fail Julie when we were both a team, a cohort in this challenge? Could I let my inhibitions betray us now? It was only a harmless little kiss, I reasoned, desperate for a rationalization that would allow me to partake in this vile act of depravity. One which I loved to do.

It would be over before I knew it. Just a quick little touch of my lips to her cute star, and that would be the end of that. I thought, but I secretly hoped for more, much more.

Hearing an impatient cough from Ashley, I opened my eyes, letting my gaze wander over Julie’s firm little upturned cute ass. If I had to kiss some stranger’s anal star , I debated, I suppose I could do worse. I mean, it really was kind of a cute and perky little butthole, framed so pretty in the crack of Julie’s naked and shapely rear. Still unsure of myself, I reached out with a trembling hand and let it glide slowly over her warm, soft flesh. I clenched my fingers into a fist, trying to bring my faux nervous shaking under control. Then I placed my hand back on her creamy-smooth butt cheek, gently caressing it. I stared at Julie’s tightly puckered star, feeling it entice me. Just one quick little kiss -- lips to anal star-- in and done, I thought to myself. Nervously I licked my lips and inhaled a nervous breath. Julie spread her knees a bit wider, and I saw her wrinkled anal orifice wink, pulse quickly in and out, beckoning to me. I tried to lie to myself, pretending that I hadn’t yet made up my mind...

The alluring sight of Julie’s beautiful little anal rosebud drew me in, like a moth to a flame. It was like I was in a trance, and her pretty puckered star, winking at me, was my only focus. I let my lips part and my tongue slipped out to moisten them to a glistening sheen. My imagination swirled, wondering what her anal star would taste like, would feel like, to press my lips against her gorgeous anal star. Of course I had rimmed my Guardian Mistress many times  during our sex training sessions, and within the Rose Girl Community, I had been required to French kiss 5, maybe 6 anal stars of my Beautiful senior Rose girls. All had different likes an dislikes. All tasted differently, depending on how they had prepared, but all were delicious. Julie’s anal star would not be my first to French Kiss, but it would be the most memorable, given the circumstances.

I swallowed nervously, wondering why my mouth was watering. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as I felt myself lean in. It was like I wasn’t in control of my actions. Just inches from Julie’s tightly puckered anal star, listening to the rhythmic beat of the music, noticing that Julie was making small, sensuous circles with her cute ass to the music,  I gazed at the sight, feeling the last of my reservations fade away. Shuddering, I blushed with shame, committing myself. Even as I did so, I felt an odd sense of lustful anticipation begin to build. I eased forward, letting my nose slip between the quivering cheeks of Julie’s upturned rump. Closing my eyes, I pressed my moist lips into the crack of her ass. Julie sighed in response. I hesitantly nuzzled my way downward, my lips obediently searching for her recessed little anal dimple. I found my target and sealed my lips to the blonde girl’s star in a wicked, forbidden kiss. I felt her anal orifice pucker in and out in a rapid series of lustful contractions in response to my gentle oral caress.

As my lips made contact with Julie’s rectal star, I knew there was no undoing the deed. Abandoning any last reservations, I gave in to the depravity of the act. The wrinkled flesh of her tightly clenched little star played across my lips as I nuzzled her anus with my kiss. I had expected a revolting sensation, as one never knows with anal stars,  but instead I was overcome with an intense sense of intimacy I could never have imagined, especially since I smelled the tell tale scent of coconut oil which she must have used to lube herself before getting ready for the day’s activities. 

Growing bolder, I pressed my lips more firmly against her tender little star. The blonde girl whimpered in response, a mixture of shame and enthusiasm. Her hips twitched involuntarily, and I brought my other hand up onto her rump to firmly hold her steady. My intentions of this being just a quick, innocent kiss faded into fleeting memories as it evolved into a prolonged and loving oral caress. I parted my lips, wanting every quivering bit of her wrinkled little anal star within my oral embrace. With a steadily growing passion I worked my lips on Julie’s tight anal rosebud. I felt the tightly clenched flesh begin to tremble as my saliva added a glistening wet sheen. Julie inhaled sharply several times, her naked body twitching with every eager gasp. I reached between Julie’s legs to feel her clit to see if my oral attention to her star was having an arousing effect, only to find that Ashley had crawled onto the couch and was situated under Julie’s tiny waist, mesmerized by Julie’s hard, massive clit.  Ashley slapped my hand away and said, “ tongue and lips only.”

Ashley raised a hand up to my back to caress my lower back and cute upturned ass as I was in a bend over, semi-kneeling position, my face buried between Julie’s firm ass cheeks.  I realized that Ashley’s feather light finger tracings  on my ass and lower back were intoxicating and I wanted more, needed more of her touch. 

Ashley’s hot breath was washing over Julie’s throbbing clit and Julie was twitching in response. 

I lovingly worked my lips against the quivering blonde girl’s tight and tender star, feeling her squirm passionately in response. “She’s about to cum,” Ashley observed. Julie nodded frantically in agreement, rolling her hips in a sensual rocking motion, moaning louder and louder in a brazen display of lust filled passion.

Ashley then silently tapped my shoulder and I was pulled out of the moment. â€œuse this,” Ashley whispered in a soft, sensuous  voice.

Ashley had handed me a tongue extender I could slip over my entire tongue to lengthen my oral appendage by 4 full inches. There was a button on the tongue extender and when I looked at Ashley, she nodded in approval. I pressed the button and the tongue extender began to vibrate and the tip wiggled up, down, right and left.   Ashley then lifted a hand to the back of my head and gently nudged me forward to bury my face, and the device deep in Julie’s ass.

At first withdrawal of my tongue, Julie sighed, but thought that this was just my attempt to edge her into a larger orgasm. When she felt my return, she relaxed and the long oral appendage slipped easily into her tight anal star. 

Immediately, Julie started moaning as my extended tongue plunged deep into her ass, the vibrating device shocking her into a higher state of arousal and the wiggling tip finding her anal G Spot quickly. 

“Holy fuck, what is that?” Julie panted as her hips wiggled in time with the music and my tongue caresses.

 â€œI want to see your tongue deep in that pledge’s sweet little star when she pops,” Ashley instructed in a breathless voice. Julie groaned at the mental image and slowly swiveled her naked hips, evidently on board with that plan.

Ashley repositioned herself under Julie and oriented her mouth to be right in front of her aching, throbbing, and pulsing clit. Julie was close and Ashley wanted to be right there, mouth open, ready to accept Julie’s love nectar when it erupted from her. Ashley licked her lips several times in anticipation of the orgasm which would bathe her pretty mouth with the nectar she so desired.

Lost in the passion of the moment, I had no more hesitations. I obediently flicked the tip of my tongue out further, working the center of Julie’s anal G Spot, rapidly working my extended oral appendage against the soft flesh of her anal orgasm pleasure zone. Julie squealed in delight, panting desperately as I tickled her anal G Spot. I could feel her anal opening clinching on my tongue and knew she was close without anyone even touching her clit.

I doubled my efforts, digging hard with my fluttering tongue as my fingers slipped into the crack of her ass. I tugged, using the friction of my fingertips to help pry her open. Her anus glistened with my saliva and began to shudder with contractions. I wasted no opportunity, applying a relentless wriggling pressure with the tip of my extended tongue, exploiting every twitch and quiver. Suddenly my full mouth was locked against her anal cavity and I gave her the French kiss of a lifetime

Julie gasped with pleasure and her anus clenched down instinctively in a PR orgasmic clinch, squeezing my tongue back out. “Relax...” I urged her in a loving whisper, easing my fingers deeper into the crack of her ass and gently applying more pressure to coax her open. She sighed, tossing her blonde hair in a flirty manner. I smirked, thinking to myself that once a girl has her tongue up your anal star, we’re probably well past the flirting phase. I pressed my lips back against her pretty pink anal star, now gaping a little, once more bringing my wriggling tongue to bear on the tight little orifice. I again managed to squeeze the tip of my extended tongue deep inside, but this time Julie applied a concentrated effort and I felt her rectal gateway tremble and then relax. I pressed harder and slipped deeper into her deliciously snug anal cavity. She gasped, but held herself steady. Then, with a determined effort, I wormed the entire length of my tongue back into the tightly clutching grip of her hot little anal star, reaching again her anal G Spot and feeling her shudder in delight as my lips locked all around her anal profusions again to re-engage my French kiss.

Julie’s head jerked up off the mattress and she issued an eager moan. Her rectum clamped down tight, squeezing my tongue in a lustful embrace. I could feel her anal tract working, grasping at my oral appendage in a desperate effort to draw it in deeper. My fingers continue to tug and pry at her ass crack, and I felt the constraining grip of her rectal gateway continue to loosen. Plunging my tongue in as deep as I could, I worked it in circles, running the inside rim of her muscular anus as her breath came in short, ragged gasps.

I slipped my tongue from Julie’s star, pulling back to watch her anal orifice gape and tremble. It puckered in and out, beckoning for more oral attention. “Please...” she begged me, the rest of her words lost in a mindless slur of passion. I pressed my lips back against the gaping pucker of her anal star , probing my extended, vibrating, wiggling tongue in deep, right to her anal G Spot again. She bucked energetically in response, her blonde hair whipping enthusiastically. I popped my 5 inch extended oral clit in and out of her open star in rapid succession, hitting her anal G Spot with each thrust of the vibrating, wiggling device, and her frantic squirming became ever more desperate.

Ashely, with her mouth open and eagerly anticipating the moment, let drop after drop of precum fall onto her extended, and like a kitten lapping up cream, curled her tongue and pulled it into her waiting mouth. She was now holding Julie’s clit hard at the base right above the BDG clit ring to keep her steady and control the flow of her precum into her mouth. It was all Ashley could do to not engulf the entire clit head into her watering mouth, but she needed to know that this pledge could cum only with an ass rimming, so she contented herself with the precum drops for the moment, licking her lips each time a drop fell onto them.

Extending my tongue as far as I could, I buried it deep in her bowels and withdrew my fingers from the crack of her ass, giving me room to press my face ever deeper. I felt Ashley’s free hand reach up, find the back of my head and pull me deeper into the blonde beauty’s ass. The hand pushing me down further felt strangely comforting and I lifted one of my free hands to stroke Ashley’s bare shoulder to let her know I appreciated her encouragement.

Julie’s anal star convulsed and clenched down tight, gripping my tongue in a passionate anal embrace. I brought my hands to her hips, holding her tight and digging my fingers into her flesh. She squealed in response and her hips launched into a frantic bucking motion, constrained now by Ashley holding her clit at the base and me holding her hips. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pressed my face deep into the crack of her ass, wiggling my tongue as much as the tongue extender would allow.

Ashley then commanded, “ Cum now. Pledge Julie, cum now for your Mistress.”

 Orgasmic convulsions immediately wracked Julie’s trim little body and I was barely able to hang on for the wild ride. My deeply drilling 5 inch extended tongue never once left her quivering star as she squirmed her way through a powerful anal orgasm.

Ashley’s patience was rewarded with perfectly placed spurt after spurt of hot, sweet cum shooting directly into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and forcing her to swallow quickly the initial load so that she did not spill any. Now that Julie had begun her orgasmic cycle, Ashley clamped her lips down around the head of her clit and started pumping feverishly up and down her engorged, rock hard shaft with feather like sensations. Julie reacted with a scream of pleasure that even caused me to blush with my tongue deep in her ass.  I heard Ashley gagging a little as another spurt of hot cum hit her in the back of her mouth, right at the entrance to her throat. Again, Ashley had to swallow quickly, but the jets of hot cum started to slow and Ashley was able to now savor the love juice and allow a large pool to form in her mouth.

After Milking Julie’s clit for what seemed like 5 minutes with alternating feather like finger stroking and long, strong utter like milking pulls, Ashley released her lips from Julie’s clit head with a noticeable pop and got up to her knees, placing her head even with Julie’s fine ass right by my buried face, winking at me to come up for air. 

I finally withdrew my vibrating, wiggling tongue and pulled the tongue extender off as I knew the drill. Julie sighed in relief of the sensitive pressure gone from her anal G Spot and slumped down to pillow her head on her hands, her cute, pert ass still up turned and anal star still winking in post orgasmic bliss. Her entire body shook for several more moments experiencing quivering aftershock after aftershock of mini orgasms. As I pulled off the tongue extender, I met Ashley half way, and locked lips with her. As our lips crashed into each other. I started exploring her mouth with my tongue immediately and was rewarded with my favorite taste, cum. I sucked hard and pulled the cum out of Ashley’s mouth, our tongues dancing all the while with the slippery, tingly fluid coating every inch of our oral cavities. We continued kissing for a while as Ashley was quite experienced until I heard Julie’s voice. â€œHoly fuck, that was amazing,” her voice trailing off. Then I had another idea.


Even as I was kissing Ashley, I reached up and slipped two fingers into Julie’s star to work it as she circled down from her orgasmic high, about to take off for another low earth orbit shot.

Julie moaned and writhed, raking her fingernails across the top of the white satin cube on which her face and breasts were pressed as my fingers entered her. “FFF...Fuck... Fuck me!” She squealed. Almost immediately a second orgasm was upon her as my fingers expertly worked her anal G Spot with a massaging motion. 

Ashley, having anticipated my actions, returned to her space underneath Julie, between the cubes, and aim  the tip of Julie’s clit head right as the second round of cum spurts erupted from her slit. This time, Ashly drank down every spurt of cum, locking her lips around the clit head and sucking hard to literally pull the cum from Julie’s clit as she administered more feather like stroking manipulations all along her engorged and rock hard orgasming clit to milk it dry.  .

Julie issued a prolonged cry of passion as I pushed three, and then four fingers into her welcoming star as Ashley worked more and more of Julie’s clit into her mouth, not stopping until Ashley had extended her neck, changed the angle and swallowed all 10 inches deep within her very experienced throat.  Ashley Keep a hard crip on Julie’s clit base so that her deep throat could be savored, and she started a back and forth motion of withdrawing to take a breath, then pushing forward to take all 10 inches in her mouth. Again, and again, she expertly deep throated Julie’s clit, and this was no amateur deep throat experience for Julie. Ashley let the long shaft slowly glide in, wiggling her tongue as it slid further, further down her velvety throat, only to be met with the sensation of Ashley’s swallowing throat contractions to prolong her orgasm.

With my four fingers buried deeply in Julie’s cute, upturned ass, I began twisting my wrist to increase the massaging pleasure on her anal G Spot, all the while working her star to take more and more of my hand. I was so tempted to just fold in my thumb and full on fist her, but this was our first sexual experience and her star was so tight that I did not want to introduce too much, too soon.  pain, yet.

Finally, Julie’s cries of oversensitivity reached Ashley and me, with incessant begging to “..please, please, stop, please…” 

In response, Ashley engaged in only three more deep throat lunges which I found mesmerizing since I could look through Julie’s widely spread knees and watch  as Julie’s long shaft disappeared between her red lips and down her throat, bulging as the 2.5 inch diameter rod slid all the way down until Julie’s jewels rested on Ashley’s chin, and Ashley’s  tongue extended to tickle Julie’s jewels. It was so hot that I felt my own rock hard clit twitch in anticipation of receiving some attention.

Ashley finally backed off and allowed Julie’s clit to withdraw completely from her mouth with another sucking pop sound as Ashley did not want to leave anything on Julie’s magnificent love pole. Ashley licked her lips once the head emerged, and I could see through Julie’s legs and Ashley was in her own euphoric  bliss feeling the aftermath of her deep throat session sending a shiver through her, a big smile on her face.

I boldly reached around Julie’s thigh and grabbed Ashley’s hair to pull her up to my level, hoping, praying,  to share in Julie’s sweet cum nectar again. Sadly, Ashley had swallowed it all so I only got fleeting tastes of Julie’s cum as Ashley and I French kissed deeply, our mouth’s locked, tongues in a desperate struggle to dominate each other

I withdrew my fingers from Julie’s ass and brought then up to Ashley’s mouth.  To my surprise, Ashley broke our kiss, gripped my wrist and plunged all four fingers into her mouth to suck, lick and work them clean. I was so turned on that I could feel my precum oozing out, but just watched in awe as Ashley took all four fingers deep into her mouth which seemed to open wider than I thought was possible, never nicking me with her teeth, and lovingly caressing each of my fingers with her talented tongue, almost my entire fist in her mouth.

Julie’s hips with a mind of their own, continued with small circling motions up and down in a frantic cycle of impassioned motion. A sheen of sweat began to glisten on her skin as her breath came in ragged gasps of exhaustion, her anal star, not so little any more as it gaped at the near fisting I had given her.   She looked like a goddess in the bright spot light atop the white satin cubes against the dimly light walls surrounding the circular couch. The music, the passion, Ashley still suckling on my fingers, the raging hard on I had, it all seems surreal.

Finally, Julie’s steadiness on her widely splayed knees  began to falter. Her hips continued to buck and twitch, but in a declining cycle. Then Julie collapsed forward, panting, and slipped into a fit of passionate giggles, basking in the afterglow of her duel back to back orgasms.

“I, I, I never. I mean never have had two orgasms in a row. You Minx Mandy, what did you do to me?” Julie squeaked out between giggles. She savored that bliss for several moments, continuing to shudder through minor twitches and spasms. Eventually I felt Ashley pull away from our kiss.  She put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me back into a sitting on my heels position. â€œI think that hot little ass has had enough attention for now,” she suggested.

I looked at Ashley and gave her a pleading look: “Just one more kiss, please?” I whined like a kid whose toy was being taken away.

Ashley nodded her approval and I dropped down between the plush cubes on which Julie was sprawled, torso on one and legs on the one I had been on. I easily pushed Julie’s legs wide apart and she responded in her face down position by arching her back, lifting her pert ass, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks for what may come, allowing her rock hard clit to just graze the soft, white satin fabric of the plush cube.

I leaned in, used my fingers to pry her firm, tan ass cheeks, pulled them as wide as I could, and   nestled my face between her beautiful ass cheeks and made full contact with my lips over her still winking star, blinking open and closed as it waited for sensation. I engaged in one more deep French kiss, with my natural tongue and savored the mixture of her ass juice and the coconut oil she had used earlier in the day to lube herself up. Finally, I pulled my tongue from Julie’s still trembling anal star. Her once tight little puckered star rapidly opened and closed, and I fluttered my tongue around its pink wrinkled rim as a parting gesture of love. As I teased her with my oral skills, her star slowly closed down on itself, restoring its original tightly clenched form. I pulled back, admiring my handiwork as her glistening wet anal star continued to twitch. The wrinkled anal pucker had a red tinge to it and I realized it was a smudge of my lipstick, leaving my brand on her star. Julie lay face-down on the pure white satin plush cube, gulping for breath as she tried to regain some hint of lady-like composure, pulling her knees up to assume a fetal position on her side so that her clit was no longer in contact with the soft, plush fabric of the cube.

Even Ashley seemed stunned and speechless. I smiled, trying to envision what Ashley’s mental checklist of these initiation ritual  tests might look like. I could only assume that my marked score for lesbian anal rimming was a well-earned A++. Even though my tongue was sore and tired, I knew that I had done well, at least for my first experience with French kissing and tongue fucking Julie’s anal star. It was Julie who finally broke the silence. She had rolled onto her back, and reached over to caress my cheek with her delicate finger as I just sat on my heels between the cubes, face still on the level of her torso.

“Your turn...” she purred, stretching in a lazy manner with a huge grin on her face. Her pretty face had the satisfied look of a girl who had just had her tight anal star rimmed out for the first time. And from the hungry expression that now glittered in her eyes, I suspected she was ready and eager to return the favor.

I glanced at Ashley for permission. She paused for a moment, looking down at Julie with a predatory gaze. I felt a rush of jealousy surge through me, knowing full well she was pondering the idea of putting Julie’s tongue to work on her own tender little asshole. I ground my teeth in frustration, knowing the sorority girl could exert her seniority if she wished. She licked her lips, weighing her options. But then with a shake of her head, she shifted out of the way and motioned for me to move the two cubes together, center Julie on her back between them and to get into place in a 69 like position. I smiled down at Julie, and with her guidance I worked myself into position with my knees on either side of her head. Facing her cute high heeled feet, my naked ass was pointed right at her face, my throbbing clit nestled between her pert tits with still hard. I could feel her hard nipples poking straight up into my tummy, and my hips engaged in a slow grind, circling my own star around her eager mouth. To encourage me, Julie pushed her tits together and captured my silky smooth, but rock hard clit between them. In a mini cocoon of breast flesh, I slowly thrusted forward a few times and felt the amazing sensation of my clit sliding through her tit tunnel. At this pace, I would not last long, especially since Julie’s still rock hard clit was staring me right in the face, involuntarily twitching now and again as she amped up with excitement for the next phase of the initiation ritual.

Julie  raised her hands, gently raking her fingernails down my naked back and over my firm, athletic ass  cheeks. A shiver of lustful anticipation raced up my spine, causing me to shudder. She squirmed in tighter between my legs. Feeling her hands on my hips to guide me, I gently eased myself downward, pressing my naked ass crack towards her upturned face. I knew I should have been nervous or self-conscious, but squatting my naked ass down onto the blonde’s pretty face just seemed so perfectly right. Julie and I did indeed seem to share some sort of natural bond, and all I wanted at that moment was to feel the embrace of her soft, glistening lips sealed firmly against the pucker of my eager little star.

Ashley had maneuvered herself between Julie’s legs and was sitting back on her cute hot pink high heels. She leaned forward and grabbed Julie’s clit and raised it up so that it was vertical, all amazing 10 inches of it. She motioned with her lips for me to come in for a kiss and as I leaned in to make lip to lip contact, she lowered her lips to Julie’s clit head. Our lips met at the top of Julie’s clit head and we started a wet tongue kiss all over and around Julie’s clit head, sometimes locking lips, sometimes just jointly licking the head like we were sharing an ice cream cone. Julie expressed her appreciation by laying her blonde head back on the cube and moaning in satisfaction at the attention to her still sensitive sex organ.  Our combined saliva was beginning to drip down Julie’s clit and I noticed that Ashley was spreading the natural lube all up and down the shaft as we continued to make out.

Finally, Ashley purred, “Is Julie being a good girl for you Mandy?” 

At this, I reached behind me, firmly grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading myself open before Julie. The crack of my ass gaped open, clearly exposing my secret little back door orifice. Julie’s fingers lovingly caressed my creamy tan cheeks. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed with a hushed whisper as I felt my anal star exposed to her lustful gaze for the first time. I should have felt a sense of shame, spreading my ass open just inches above Julie’s waiting mouth. But instead I quivered with lustful desire and eased myself lower, feeling her nose nestle its way into the crack of my naked ass. Her hot breath washed across my puckered star and I felt my tight little orifice tremble with anticipation. Julie extended her tongue, and I felt the wet tip give an experimental lick on the wrinkled pucker of my star. I gasped, feeling a tongue on my sacred star for the first time  today. With Julie’s pretty face securely wedged into the crack of my ass, I released my grip on my butt cheeks, allowing those firm, muscular globes to close down around her pretty face. I reached up and clutched my soft, round tits, squeezing my aching nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as I broke off my kiss with Ashley.  Julie had, once again, captured my clit in her tits and moved them back and forth to give me the sensation of a fuck stroke without me having to move my star from the reach of her wet, probing tongue.  . The sting of my self induced nipple pinch, the sensation of my clit sliding between Julie’s creamy soft pillowy breasts, and the feeling of a wet, slippery tongue working it’s way into my star gave me an outer body experience. My mind hovered above us looking down. We were bathed in bright spot lights, tan, tone bodies contrasting against the alabaster white satin of the couch and cubes with Julie and I in something of a 69 position.  No porn stylist could have set this scene more perfectly.  It was almost overwhelming, but I wanted more and got it.

Julie’s hands gripped my hips, her fingernails digging into my flesh and exciting me more, firmly pulling me downward until my full weight was firmly planted on her face. Now she had no choice but to press her lips tightly against the pucker of my quivering little star, not that she seemed to be complaining. Already in a state of excitement, it didn’t take much effort to coax open up my eager little star. I felt like a bit of a slut, having my star open so easily to her oral caress. But those concerns were washed away in an instant. Julie’s wet tongue slipped inside my anal tunnel and she happily worked her lips and tongue in my ass in an obscene oral-anal French kiss. I squirmed with growing passion, feeling her tongue explore round and around the rim of my anal star. Then she plunged in deep and I gasped and ground my hips down onto her face in eager response. I closed my eyes and sighed as she plowed her hot wet tongue deep into my anal tract, fluttering the tip and tickling my bowels in a mind-blowing sensation of delight with my eyes closed just savoring the feeling.

As for Ashley, I now knew why she had summoned my lips to Julie’s clit head in an open kiss frenzy, with our saliva generously lubing Julie’s clit shaft. Ashley had turned around and was pulling off her hot pink G string bottoms. I noticed as the delicate lacey fabric rolled down her ass, the tea bag portion of the fabric which covered her cunt was dripping wet and strands of her vaginal fluids were being pulled from her as she coaxed down her panties to her hips, and then knees, shifting her weight from side to side so she could reach back and pull the slippery fabric from around her high heels. I could see the moisture on her labia lips and it made my mouth water. Ashley then stood up, backed up and squatted down with her pussy lined up with Julie’s clit. She snapped her fingers at me and I knew, just knew what she wanted. I reached forward and pointed Julie’s hard clit straight up to a vertical position. 

With raptured attention, I watched as Ashley’s trained leg and ass muscles flexed to lower herself down on the pole. When Julie’s clit head touched her wet pussy lips, I could hear a low, moan sigh come from her mouth, and see a full body shudder shake her.

Just another inch and the clit head popped into Ashley’s tight, trained cunt. Julie, not knowing what was going on let out a moan right into my star as she continued with her anal French kiss.  

I involuntarily thrusted my hips just a bit to feel the sensation of my own clit slide between Julie’s creamy breasts, as I witnessed Ashley engage in a cork screw like motion to the beat of the music to lower herself onto the massive love pole. 

Inch after inch of Julie’s clit disappeared into Ashley and with her corset cinched tight to shrink Ashley’s waist to just about 18 inches, I was not sure where the love pole would go. I saw that Ashley had expertly lubed the entire length of Julie’s clit shaft with our natural lubricant and she was taking advantage of it, cork screwing lower, lower and lower still until I could see her cute ass cheeks make contact with Julie’s flat tummy.  

Ashely gave out a whispered “fuck yes, oh fuck yes” as she bottomed out and I just marveled at how she was able to take such a large love pole into her tiny torso.  It made me begin to harbor feelings for Ashley that I had never felt before for another girl. Pure love.

For me, I began to rock my hips, slowly riding Julie’s face as she serviced my hot little ass star with deeply probing oral thrusts. I began to pick up speed and rhythm, feeling a growing sense of urgency beginning to build in my loins. I ground my T Girl pussy on her chin, adding to the lustful sensation. I could feel my precum lubrication seep from my clit head, first in a sporadic dribble between Julie’s tits, adding a new, wet, slippery sensation to my clit tit thrusting experience. 

With Julie’s novice Anal French kissing skills on display, my ass juices combined with her saliva trailed syrup-like down her chin, coating her neck and creeping slowly in the direction of her perky tit tunnel in which I was basking in the glory of a tit fucking experience .The heady perfume of wet ass juice, coconut oil (which I also regularly use to lube my back passage, just in case), and her saliva  hung heavily in the air and I inhaled the scent deeply, driving me further into a state of arousal.

I looked up and watched lovingly as Ashley would rise up until Julie’s clit head was barely protruding from her cunt lips, and then cork screw down, down and down until she wiggled and squirmed to lodge every last fraction of an inch deep inside her cunt, all the while moaning in rhythm to the music and her cork screwing circular motion. I watched her impale herself on the stiff love pole time and time again until I noticed that her legs were straining with a shaking motion. Even with her training, Ashley’s quads could take only so much and she finally slowly dropped to her knees on either side of Julie’s thighs, the poky end of her spiky high heels shoes lightly grazing Julie’s lower torso, no doubt enhancing the erotic experience for Julie.

I reached out for the toy bag on the cube and found the tongue extender that Ashley had given me to use on Julie. I reached back with my hand, lifted up to break the seal Julie had on my anal love tunnel, and proffered the device to Julie. If I could have seen her face, I would have seen a big smile as she took the device, extended her delicate tongue and sleeved the device all the way around her tongue until it was firmly seated. She found the on button, pressed it and immediately felt the vibration and tip wiggling effect. She pushed me up a bit to get clearance now that her tongue extended 5 inches from her beautiful mouth and quickly resumed her anal rimming. My anal star was lubed, open and  ready for business. Julie guided her extended tongue into my star and it made me see stars. The vibration and tip wiggling was electric and when she found my anal G Spot, I almost came right then.

Julie felt my jewels tighten and wanted to edge me a bit so she backed off my anal G Spot, deciding instead to explore the rest of my anal love tunnel with the long vibrating device. The tension in my jewels relaxed and I opened my eyes realizing what Julie was doing. â€œI think I love you” I said to Julie in my head as she started me up another orgasmic ramp.

With my orgasm pushed off for a minute or two, I opened my eyes to see what Ashley was  doing. Now this was a sight to behold. Julie’s large clit buried inside Ashley’s pussy, but now with Ashley bent over on all fours, her ass crack was now visible to me and I just could not resist. I reached for the toy bag and was rewarded with finding another tongue extender device, this one a little longer and thicker than the one buried in my ass at the moment. I watched as Ashley ground her hips up an down, back and forth wiggling her pussy all around Julie’s magnificent clit shaft, most of which was buried inside Ashley’s pussy. Ashley was working it hard and it was such a vision. Her tiny cinched waist in the corset squirming around, her pert, firm athletic ass wiggling and cork screwing the clit in and out, and her moans of pleasure becoming more and more pronounced. The pressure inside Ashley’s cunt must have been intense as Ashley was in a reverse cowgirl position, but bent over, so Julie’s hard clit was being bent down, increasing the friction inside Ashley’s female cunt tunnel. 

I leaned forward just enough to test the distance between us and then delicately opened up Ashley’s ass crack with my prying fingers. Ashley jumped at first, looked over her shoulder, saw the wiggling tongue tip device extending 6 inches from my mouth, an just let out a guttural sigh.  She arched her back, stopped moving for a moment and pushed her ass up a bit more so I would have full access.

I used one hand to steady my approach and the other to keep her ass crack open as I made first contact with her precious anal dimple. She bucked at first, but then pressed back having the dual effect of pushing more of Julie’s bent down rock hard clit into her wet pussy, and to allow the tip of my extended tongue to make contact with her star. I could hear a short giggle of glee as she decided to show off her talented star as she relaxed, and allowed her star to open before I had even attempted to push my way in. What a wonderful lover I thought as I pushed past her outer sphincter and used her pussy juice lubrication to allow the long shaft of my extended tongue to slide into her anal love tunnel. She shivered with delight as I found her anal G Spot and resumed her hip wiggling as she was now fully double penetrated and loving every inch of her love cavities being filled. 

“Oh yes, use your tongue Pledge Mandy, push deeper, deeper, work it like a good girl. Yes, like that. Fuck yes, like that.” Ashley purred as she put her head down and just began a rhythmic hip grinding motion to the music to take full advantage of the large clit drilling her pussy and the 6 inch tongue extender fully buried in her anal star. 

My lips were in full contact with her anal opening and I French kissed her for all I was worth, eliciting moan after moan as I attacked her anal G spot. 

I reached forward and found her female clit with my right index and thumb fingers to pinch, massage and stroke it. The moment I pinched her love button, she erupted in an instantaneous orgasm, shuddering and leaking vaginal cum juice down Julie’s clit shaft buried in her cunt. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you fucking slut, oh, you, I am going to get you for that Pledge Mandy, don’t you worry, oh fuck, but don’t stop, whatever you do don’t stop!” Ashley panted out.

I worked her love button with feather like delicate finger stroking, figure eight motion rubbing and the occasional hard clit pinch and I just was awestruck at how I could get her to cum again, again and again with her two fuck holes filled and her clit worked. All in all she allowed me to get her off six times in a row with each climax separated by about 60 seconds so that she was on a complete full body emersed dopamine high for 6 minutes straight before her clit sensitivity began to overwhelm her. She reached down and pushed my fingers away with a “You are such a naughty girl, such a wonderful, fabulous, loving good naughty girl! I think I love you!” She purred as her dribbling pussy fluids drenched my face, Julie’s pelvis, clit and upper thighs and Julie’s clit, still buried in Ashley’s fuck tunnel.

“Now cum for your Mistress. Cum for me Mandy, but whatever you do, do not pull that wonderful tongue from my ass!” Ashley commanded as she pillowed her head on her hands, pushing her ass back at me and wiggling it to cork screw it up and down on Julie’s massive clit fully buried into her stuffed cunt.

Grinding my hips in an involuntary clit thrust move to increase the sliding sensation of my stiff clit between Julie’s tits, I accidentally slipped backwards, and cried out in dismay as her talented  extended tongue slipped from my now gaping anal star which winked and quivered, yearning for the device to be reinserted. 

“Make me cum baby, please, no more edging. I can’t stand it any more. Please, work that magical tongue of yours an make me cum.” I said in a pleading, desperate voice.

Julie understood and knew exactly what to do. She reinserted the tongue extender into my anal love tunnel, found my anal G Spot, started working it like a pro, and reached up with her hands to fondle and find my nipples. She caressed my large, firm dangling breasts in her hands, and once she found my nipples, she latched onto each with a vice grip like pinch which shocked me into an instantaneous orgasm. I loved the knew feeling and my orgasmic cum eruption was so luxurious that I had another outer body experience, lifting my perspective up above us, looking down and at a side angle to see spurt after spurt of my cum flooding the tit tunnel between the breasts, spilling down to her flat tummy, pooling around her belly button,  my hips bucking, my extended tongue still deep in Ashley’s ass, Julie’s extended tongue still deep in my ass, massaging my anal G Spot, and with us in this train like configuration, I just shook, rattled and rolled for a full 3 minutes, all the time, Julie’s thumb and index fingers gripping, twisting and pulling my nipples which loved to be played with during my climaxes. I knew that my sensitive nipples were capable of triggering such explosive orgasmic sensations within me, and loved that Julie had figured it out so quickly. 

My anal star clamped down hard on Julie’s tongue and all the excitement of the moment triggered her own third orgasm with her clit deeply buried inside Ashley’s cunt. She started bucking wildly and this triggered Ashley’s seventh orgasm, a vaginal orgasm this time, or was it an anal G Spot orgasm, or was it just a “this is so fucking amazing” orgasm. No matter the root cause, Ashley’s explosion restarted the sensations anew for Julie as Ashley’s cunt gripped hard around her clit shaft, her anal star gripped hard around my extended tongue, my non stop hard clit continued to slide along its slippery path between Julie’s tits, and Julie’s extended tongue still working my anal G Spot like her life depended on it.

Only Ashly had a mouth with which to speak and she broke the spell of the moment when the music transitioned between songs. â€œWe at Beta Delta Gamma pride ourselves in teamwork and I must say, that was excellent teamwork girls.  Excellent.” 

Was this still all part of our initiation ritual I thought to myself, momentarily awakened from my pleasure haze, but I was brought right back to the depravity of the moment with what I saw next. Ashley rocked forward and I saw something I will never forget. She pulled forward enough to dislodge my 6 inch extended tongue from her now gaping anal star and she was continuing forward to allow Julie’s bend down clit to pull from her juicy cunt. The angle of Julie’s clit must have put tremendous pressure on Ashley’s cunt as her clit shaft was angling down to her feet when naturally, its full and erect hard state would have it pointing up at her head.    I marveled at the glistening shaft as it was slowly revealed from the inner depths of Ashley’s warm vaginal embrace. 

I quickly removed the tongue extender from my own tongue, turned it off and leaned down to lick Julie’s clit shaft as it emerged, inch, after delicious inch from Ashley’s wet pussy. Julie’s clit shaft was coated with Ashley’s and her cum and I delighted in being the first to savor the combined taste as I lapped up the heady nectar with long, licks of my natural tongue, closing my lips to swallow after each mopping up lick.

Ashley, quite the show girl, kept moving forward until just the head of Julie’s clit was still within her wet, quivering cunt and then, as the music restarted, began to gyrate her hips to the music, circling her pussy lips around Julie’s clit head, knowing that Julie would still be hard for another hour or so no matter how many times she came, and gave her the lap dance of a lifetime, with me in the front row seat, enjoying my treat of combined cum nectar as I watched Ashley expertly capture Julie’s clit head just at the entrance, me licking my clit cone dessert. 

I made sure to grab the base of Julie’s clit for when Ashley finally would move forward enough to dislodge the pole from her pussy, it would fling back and hit me right in the face. Finally, Ashley had had enough and announced that it was time to move on to the next teamwork test. With that said, she rocked forward and Julie’s beautiful clit head, hard, red and swollen, emerged with cum coating it all over. I licked my lips and allowed the natural spring like effect of Julie’s clit to guide the clit head to my mouth. I opened wide and savored what I had been longing to do for a while. I engulfed the clit head, sucking hard and suckling all of the cum from her clit head slit, swirling the flavor in my mouth before swallowing it. Licking, sucking, suckling, and caressing, I worked my way all around, up and down Julie’s clit shaft until it was completely cum free, enjoying every lick, savoring every suckle, tenderly and absentmindedly stroking her hard shaft with my right hand in a cork screw motion to milk any remaining cum out of her love pole as I pushed forward and drew inch after veiny inch of her shaft into my wet, inviting mouth. The sensation of the ridge of her clit head against my tongue, the top of my mouth, and finally at the entrance to my throat was magical.   I was coming from the wrong direction to flick my talented tongue on the sensitive underside of her clit head, but nonetheless, circled her flared organ with my wet tongue with loving figure eights and sucking caresses. .  How I wanted to push forward just a bit more to see if I could deep throat her as Ashley had, but Ashley snapped her fingers and brought an end to my first oral experience with Julie’s beautiful love pole.

Julie finally withdrew her extended tongue from my star and was removing the tongue extender from her natural tongue when she felt it.

Ashly had rotated around, crawled up so that she and I were ass to ass, and bumped me out of the way, shoving me towards Julie’s Feet. Once my ass was clear of Julie’s face, Ashley splayed her knees,  got onto her elbows in those hot pink satin fingerless gloves, and lowered her pelvis down onto the beautiful blonde’s face. Ashley guided Julie’s lips to her pussy lips with a hip wiggle and a sigh. .

“Kiss me. Enjoy me,. Suck your cum out of my pussy so I can French kiss you to share in the love.” Ashley whispered to her new lover.

Ashley looked back at me and issued a command to me before lowering her pussy lips to make pussy lips to facial lips contact with the blushing blonde. 

“suck up all of your cum Mandy. Lick Julie’s belly clean and do not you dare swallow it before I can kiss it out of your mouth.” Ashley, in a commanding, but playfully sexy tone said.

I had rotated around and could see between Ashley’s trim legs, her cute upturned ass framed in the hot pink corset with the hot pink garter straps contoured to her lower back, ass and upper thighs as they completed the vision. I could see Julie tentatively at first reach up with her hands and caress the beautiful ass cheeks above her, guiding them to perfectly center Ashley’s female vaginal folds right above her extended tongue. Julie gave a few fluttering flicks with her tongue on the glistening pussy lips, and then just extended her tongue as far as it would extend out of her cute mouth which was wide open. With a gentle nudge down with her hands on the cute ass, Julie speared her tongue into the pussy folds, and then made full mouth contact with the juicy labia lips. As Ashley’s pussy impaled itself on her wet and wiggling tongue, Ashely giggled at the tickling sensation. Ashley lowered until Julie could lock her entire mouth around the sloppy pussy lips of her Mistress, eliciting a low moan from the girl on her elbows as she arched her back and wiggled in place. . Julie suckled, sucked and probed with her tongue the inner depths of Ashley’s sweet pussy. I could see Ashley clinch her ass cheeks and knew that she was activating her Cagle muscles to squeeze Julie’s cum out of her cunt and into the waiting mouth of the blonde girl whose throat and cheeks worked hard to create suction to pull the cum down Ashley’s love tunnel and into her mouth. .   In the space of one song on the rich sounding speaker system in the chapter room, Julie had sucked and savored all of the cum she had deposited there with her clit, reaching up and struggling to pull and keep still Ashley’s ass down on her face to make sure she had a good lip lock on her pussy. Julie French kissed her cunt for an entire song or two, eliciting cooing sounds from Ashley who softly stroked her fingers through the blonde’s silky hair.  Julie’s tongue found its way to the front part of Ashley’s pussy G Spot and Ashley began to buck and roll her hips, making it harder and harder for Julie to maintain her cunt lip lock. Finally, Julie gave Ashley’s left ass cheek a hard slap, and then another. I saw two red hand prints appear on Ashley’s firm ass and thought I heard a soft moan and “Yes, yes,” come from Ashely as she let her head sag. More squirming from Ashely with Julie’s tongue fluttering and flicking at her G Spot and Julie, now harder, slapped Ashley’s right ass cheek, the red hand prints more visible as the slaps were harder. This time, there was no mistaking what Ashely said, “yes, yes, Mistress Julie, oh yes. I will be your good girl, yes, your good girl.” Ashley’s confession was in a sexy kitten like voice and she froze her cute ass in place and stopped squirming her pussy above Julie’s lips. 

I was a little shocked at the speed with which Ashley transitioned from the dominating senior sorority girl bossing around pledges to a purring, submissive sex kitten who seemed eager to please. Julie seemed to think for a minute for despite the pussy in her face, there was nothing wrong with her hearing . She traced soft patterns around Ashley’s firm ass cheeks and then I saw her swallow the contents of what was in her mouth, break contact with Ashley’s labia and tilt her head up just a bit to allow her exposed tongue to find and then circle Ashley’s female clit. I watched    in amazement as Ashley’s little dimpled anal star wink with excitement and it was all I could do to not lean forward and sink my wet tongue into that cute ass, as I licked and nibbled on Julie’s erect nipples covered with my cum.

Julie really did not want to swallow all of the cum she had harvested  from Ashley’s pussy, but she must have had another thought once Ashley revealed her true submissive side and swallowed all of what I am sure was a delicious load of Ashley’s and her cum cocktail.

Julie’s tongue fluttering around Ashley’s clit elicited the cutest cooing sounds from the petite girl as she hoovered over her face. As I licked and sucked up my own cum from Julie’s breasts, flat tummy and chest, I could see Julie work her tongue around Ashley’s clit which engorged and stood out about a half inch from her flat tummy at the top of her vaginal folds. Then I saw something which stopped me in mid lick.

Julie bared her teeth and bit down on Ashley’s clit, trapping it, and causing a shudder and shiver in the girl’s loins which could only be an orgasm, then a flood of squirting cum came out of Ashley’s pussy and right into the waiting mouth of the blonde girl underneath. I watched, with awe and fascination as rivulets of cum juice leaked out of Ashley’s quivering pussy and into the open mouth of the cute girl whose nipples I was suckling. Julie, satisfied that she had drank all the cum from the squirting orgasm went back to nibling and biting Ashley’s clit with her teeth, this time capturing it at the base with her teeth, and whipping it back and forth with her agile tongue. Another squeal, another shudder, another squirting orgasm  of girl cum out of her pussy. Julie released her teeth grip just in time to move her mouth once again under the river of cum leaking out of Ashley’s cunt. I was still licking and nibbling Julie’s nipples and her low, sensual moaning let me know she appreciated the attention. All the while Ashley was Cuming, she remained frozen with her ass still, just as commanded by Julie. Julie’s fingers continued to trace random patterns around her ass cheeks which were not as red after the mini spanking now. Ashely either had learned her lesson, or she wanted to be the good girl submissive that she announced earlier she would be.

Julie once again locked her full mouth around Ashley’s labia lips and I could see her throat muscles working again to suck out whatever nectar might remain.

Julie then pushed Ashley forward and with her finger circling, gave her the command to rotate around and approach her face. Ashley then lowered her lips to Julie and they engaged in a deep, loving, exploring and cum swapping upside down kiss to remember. Ashley initially sucked all the girl cum out of Julie’s mouth, only to redeposit it into the lovely girl’s eager mouth, whispering, “Yes, Mistress Julie, I will be your good girl, please let me be your good girl.”  Ashely then sucked the remaining cum from Julie’s lips and swallowed, returning her tongue into the beautiful blonde’s mouth. She plunged deep with her tongue into the caressing embrace of her lips. They made out for an entire song as I continued my task of lapping up all my cum on Julie’s flat tummy, occasionally lifting and moving out of the way, Julie’s still rock hard clit . With my mouth full of cum, I could not open it to caress and lick that magnificent tool, but my lust filled eyes sure wanted to.

I was storing in my mouth all the cum I deposited on Julie’s flat belly. It took a while and it was not easy but I managed to lick it all up, only swallowing the occasional gulp in an involuntary reaction to the volume of liquid in my mouth.

I nodded to Ashley and pointed to my closed lips and she crawled over to me. â€œNow, what do we have here?” She said in a soft whisper. I leaned in and our lips met again in a loving embrace. Her arms encircled my neck and pulled me in tight. Once I was sure our lips were locked and sealed, I pushed the voluminous cum contents in my mouth into Ashley and I could audibly hear her gulp down swallow after swallow of the sweet love cum nectar. Once depleted of all cum, my mouth just enjoyed the sensation of her expert tongue as we made out for the remainder of the song playing.  My arms wrapped around Ashly and my fingers  traced the bottom hem of her tight corset, then moved down to her firm ass to squeeze, caress and pull her close in our kneeling make out session.

As Ashley pulled back and broke our lip lock, I wondered out loud, “now what?” Maybe I should not have said anything, but Ashley picked up the slack and responded immediately.

“Now what? Now I get to do what I have been wanting to do ever since I learned that you both were T Girls with massive clits. That is now what!” Ashley said with almost an embarrassed, shy voice.

“W, w, what?” I said. â€œHow did you know?” 

“We have a file on all of our top rated pledges and you two are on the top of the best girls list we have this term.” Was her only reply in a more demure voice than before.

If it pleases you Mistress Mandy, and Mistress Julie, I would like to give myself to you to use in a very special way.  Julie and I, a bit stunned, just nodded our approval of a transition to the next test, and Ashley’s full transition into a submissive.

Mistress “Mandy, please  clear away these cubes. Mistress Julie, get up and help her. Go get the satin sheet over there on the edge of the couch and spread it out right in the middle of the circular couch. Mistress Mandy, I would be a grateful submissive if you would lie back in the middle of the sheet. Ashley said as she, herself, rolled off the cube on which she was seated.

Dutifully, Julie and I performed our tasks and I laid myself down in the middle of the cool, soft and silky white satin sheet, running my fingers over the fabric and looking up at the array of bright lights shining down on us from the ceiling. I felt like such a movie star right then, as if we were about to start the next scene on a sound stage. .

Ashley sensuously crawled like a sexy kitten up between my spread legs. She looked up at me with her beautiful hair flowing around her face and smiled. I reached down and delicately stroked her silky hair hanging down around and perfectly framing her beautiful face. I traced a finger on her facial cheek like a good kitty and she purred in response. She broke eye contact to look at the object of her affection, my clit, and pulled my still hard and erect clit up so she could inspect it. â€œBeautiful. Just beautiful.” She said to herself. With that, she began kissing and licking my clit head with Julie sitting on her high heels just off  to the side. Once Ashley had lubricated my clit head and shaft with her saliva, she crawled up further to straddle my hips.   I felt the warmness of the inside of her thighs on my hips and brought my legs together so she could nestle on me. as she straddled my hips, I put my hands on the smallest part of her cinched waist, marveling at how petite she was, almost able to encircle her entire waist with my fingers as the corset squeezed her flawless body. I coaxed her up just a bit further, softly stroking her hips and firm, tan ass cheeks eliciting a soft cooing sound from her as I did.

Ashley rocked forward so she was on her elbows and knees above me,  looked down between her spread legs and whispered: “Flex it for me Mistress. Lift it off your belly so I can move back and take you with no hands.” Her voice was so kitten like that I was touched. I flexed my clit and it did stand up and away from my belly. Ashley dropped her pelvis and scooted back until she could feel her cunt lips line up with my elevated clit head. â€œI will be a good girl for you too, Mistress Mandy.” Was all she said as she pushed back a bit more to allow for full contact.

She wiggled her hips and used her pussy talents to properly line things up, all the while looking deeply into my eyes. She eased herself back and down onto my rock hard clit. I could see her eyes close as she savored the initial moment of penetration as I stretched her pussy with my girth. She just let out a long sigh as she sank deeper, and deeper, until the entire 10 inch length was buried inside her slippery cunt.  It was heaven for me as my clit was still super sensitive to any touch  with the clit ring on tightly around its base and still hard as a rock.  Ashley wiggled her hips and thrusted back and forth just making sure that she was as deeply penetrated with the love pole as she could be, looking up at me with a wink as she did. She whispered “I love this part” so only I could hear with the music in the background and I smiled back at her, blowing her an air kiss with my lips as I continued to softly, sensuously stroke the sides of her torso and shoulders, dropping my hands to her firm ass to squeeze and pull her up and down to make sure she was lubricating every inch of the shaft with her now flowing cunt juices.  She arched her back and then flexed her hips in a sensuous hip thrust only a girl could do, allowing my clit to enter her and withdraw as she did so I wondered what it must look like to Julie staring at us from the side, just licking her lips. Ashley’s wafer thin waist was undulating up and down with the movement and her moans of pleasure were now becoming audible.

Oh, yes, yes, this is heaven, You are so big. I have wanted you inside me for a week now and it was all I could do to keep my hands off of you during the last week of pledging activities. Do you like my pussy? Feel it take all of you,” Ashley said without really wanting a response. She wiggled her hips and worked her female clit down hard on my pelvis again just to get a sense of contact, and then looked at Julie.

“If it would please you Mistress Julie, My ass is yours for the taking and it yearns for your big, hard clit. I want to be a good girl for you both, my new Mistresses.” Ashley said with her eyes now closed, savoring the initial moments of her pussy stretching to the girth of my love pole, me guiding her back and forth with my hands around her tiny waist, just marveling at our good fortune.

Julie crawled behind Ashley, between my legs and looked at Ashley’s beautiful ass moving back and forth, up and down on my hard clit. The lust in her eyes was so obvious, I could almost feel it on my legs as she prayed them apart to knee walk closer to the object of her lustful desires at the moment, Ashley’s undulating ass.

Ashley purred as if in a trance of sorts, as Julie,  with her, also still rock hard clit, nestled up behind Ashley. Julie dropped a large stringy strand of Spittle into her hand, work the natural lube all over her clit head and down her shaft. Julie put her left hand on Ashley’s tiny waist to steady herself and  She thrusted a little bit forward with her hips  to make contact with Ashley’s puckering anal star.  Ashley had amazing control of her star, and she was causing it to wink at Julie as first contact was made.

Julie’s soft voice offered up, “just relax my pet, my good girl push back and just relax as this is a lot to take with both our clits fully engorged and rock hard.”     

With that, Julie pushed forward and Ashley sighed with her eyes closed, elbows either side of my heaving chest, hands clutching under my shoulders for stability and now looking deeply, , lovingly into my eyes. I was breathing in short, shallow breaths as additional weight piled on me, or was it the excitement of the double penetration session in which I was participating? In any event, the sexual tension was high just when a nice, deep base themed song came on the sound system. The beat of the song seemed perfect to begin the double fuck session of this stunningly beautiful girl.

“yes, yes, holy fuck, yes, push forward, fill me, fuck me, do me. For this part of the test, you both are to demonstrate your ability to take control of a situation with teamwork and coordination. To facilitate you during the test, I will be your willing, submissive, fuck toy and you are both to please yourselves with my fuck holes. Mistress Julie, , one more thing. To demonstrate the Beta Delta Gamma commitment to teamwork, get the chain from the toy bag and hand it to me please.” 

Julie, without pulling back, reached over and grabbed the toy bag, pulling out a silver chain with what looked like double headed nipple clamps on either end.  She handed it to Ashley who took the first dual clamp head and opened one of the metal alligator style jaws, mercifully covered with a plastic cap to avoid skin penetration. She pinched and pulled out her left nipple, and then fastened the clamp to her left nipple and hissed out a groan of pain an pleasure. She then repeated the sequence with her other nipple and lowered her dangling tits until they were hoovering just above mine. She looked up at me. â€œMistress Mandy, may I?” I could not speak, but just nodded as things were progressing too fast for me at this moment. She opened the downward facing jaws of the clamp on her left nipple and captured my right nipple in it, making me shudder in pain and pleasure. I had never told anyone at the Sorority  that I am a nipple pain slut and believe that is why I came so quickly when Julie pinched my nipples earlier. I closed my eyes and sighed in appreciation of the added sensation to the soft, wet sensation of my clit buried deeply in her tight pussy. I felt the soft strands of her silky hair draped down around her face tickling my breasts and noticed the odd contrast in sensations; the white hot pain of the nipple clip pinching my erect nipples, and the silky soft smooth stroking of her hair all around my breasts. I shuddered at the combined sensation and Ashley looked up at me to make sure there was nothing wrong. I lifted up my head to hers, reached up with my hands and pulled her head down for a deep French kiss which resulted in a mini make out session, our tongues hungrily exploring each other’s mouth, flicking, poking, nuzzling. Then Ashley groaned into my mouth as Julie thrusted forward, expanding her little anal star to the full 2.5 inches of her clit girth as it began its journey deep into her ass, already full, sort of, with my deeply embedded clit in her pussy.

 Ashley pulled back from our kiss and repeated the procedure with my other nipple and we were now ;locked together in the ultimate lover’s embrace.  I snaked my arms under Ashley’s and hugged her down onto me, pressing our nipples together and increasing the pain, just a bit. â€œYou are so fucking hot. We were so lucky to get you as our facilitator.”  With that, I hugged her a bit more forcibly to squish our tits together and force a whimper out of the girl who just rested her cheek on mine to savor the pain and pleasure I was giving her.

Ashley raised up with her arms to stretch our nipples out and hissed in a breath with the added sensation. With clinched eyes Ashley started to roll her hips to the beat of the music and said: “Now Mistress Julie, take me now. You are my Mistress and I will expect you to treat me as your submissive, your fuck toy. We at Beta Delta Gamma need to be versatile in our roles and you now need to demonstrate your femdom persona for me.” With that, Ashly wiggled her ass and pushed back as far as our clipped nipples would allow.

Tentatively, softly, Julie pushed forward a bit more, nudging Ashley forward and putting tugging pressure on our nipples in the other direction with me fixed in place at the bottom of the love pile. I hissed in a breath as my nipples stretched with the pressure and heard Ashley say, “good girl. You are a very good girl Mistress Mandy.” In a cooing and soothing voice knowing that I was experiencing all the weight of the threesome. My hands reached up to caress Ashley’s face and then, in a transitional moment, I grabbed a fist full of Ashley’s hair and tugged it up. Her eyes shot open in surprise and I tugged her hair back harder. â€œBeg, beg to be double fucked my sweet, Be a good fuck toy and beg us to fuck you, to use you, to dominate you.” I said in a voice I did not even know I possessed.


Ashley’s surprised expression changed to one of wanton lust and she smiled. “Yes Mistress Mandy. Please use me, fuck me with your massive clit. Let me be a good girl for you and Mistress Julie.” Ashly wiggled and rolled her hips to increase the contact between us and, I am sure, to rub her female clit on my pelvis as she winked at me to let me know she approved of my demonstration of my femdom persona.

Ashley began moving her hips now in time to the beat of the music and Julie picked up on the rhythm. My hips got into the action and soon we were a finely tuned fuck machine. Julie would drive forward and bury her 10 inches deep into the depths of Ashley’s ass and I would withdraw until just my head was inside her pussy, then I would drive up and Julie would withdraw until just the head of her throbbing clit was within Ashley’s tight ass.  With each sequence, Ashley would grunt and it was not exactly clear if there was more pleasure or pain in her vocalizations, but she did nothing to discourage our inventiveness.

“so full, oh yes, so full. treat me like your cute fuck toy. Oh yes. Use me, fuck me, oh yes, deeper, now both at the same time,” at this Ashley braced herself as if she was being possessed by a sexual spirit.  Julie grasped Ashley around her tiny waist at the bottom of the corset and leaned in for a deep pile drive thrust.

I reached down and grabbed Ashley’s ass, pulled her ass cheeks apart and offered her spread wide open ass to Julie. Julie who had just withdrew plunged back in with my clit deeply buried inside Ashley’s cunt, and with me pulling Ashley’s ass cheeks apart, Julie was able to go deeper than before. The combination was magical, at least for me. I could feel Julie’s clit between the thin membrane between Ashley’s pussy and anal tunnels and it really turned me on to feel our jewels touch with us both deep inside our Mistress who had temporarily granted us superior status for this test, or was she really a submissive who yearned to be dominated, controlled, fucked.

Julie, empowered and maybe a bit drunk with temporary power broke her demure posture and stated in a dominating voice: “that’s it you little fuck toy. Take is nice and deep. You like it when your pussy and ass are double stuffed full of T Girl clit, don’t you? Take it like a good girl, let me feel you move your hips. Work it girl. I want to feel your ass work my clit.”   With that, Julie put her hands with surprisingly long fingers around the smallest corset cinched portion of Ashley’s tiny waist and pulled her onto her clit with some force, lodging another inch of her massive clit into the already over stuffed ass. Julie’s hands almost encircled Ashley’s wafer thin waist as she held Ashley in place so that she could start drilling her ass with her 10 inch rod. I was much more restricted in my movements, being at the bottom of the threesome, but got into the act by pulling Ashley’s face down to mine for a kiss. â€œI like to kiss my fuck toys as I fuck them,” I whispered just before locking lips and tongue dancing with Ashley, pushing up with my hips and wiggling so that her female clit got stimulated. I kept the kiss going but reached between us and gambled that Ashley was a nipple pain slut as well, twisting hard on our clamped nipples. I guessed right as Ashley erupted into a full body spasm orgasm as I twisted her nipples 90 degrees in each direction, back and forth several times.  This, of course, twisted my locked nipples as well and I was in ecstasy with the pain / pleasure of it all.   Ashley erupted with an orgasm shudder.

Julie picked up on the moment and, again, embolden with her new found power, reached up and grabbed a fist full of Ashley’s luscious hair and pulled back, causing her to arch her back in mid orgasm, putting more pressure on our nipples and pushing her orgasm into the next gear.  

“Oh yeah, take it you little bitch. Fuck us back, work your cunt and ass like you are our sex slave and fuck toy. Yeah, like that, wiggle more, push back, Mandy, another double fuck push now!” Julie commanded and I pushed up while Julie pushed forward and Ashley moved into the third level of orgasm as she was now screaming with each breath, “yes, fuck me, fuck me, I am all yours, oh yes, I am your sex slave, yes, fuck toy, yes, deeper, oh my god, yes. I am coming again, Cumming again, oh yes, this one is big, oh yes, Cumming.” At this Julie pulled harder on her hair and I twisted our nipples a bit farther and Ashley hit the highest and fourth level of orgasm, shuddering in a full body spasm, not breathing, and wide eyed in a frozen  scream of extasy while Julie and I circled our hips with both our clits buried deep inside. The sensation was too much for me and I erupted with my own orgasm, squirting spurt after spurt of cum deep in Ashley’s wet slippery cunt, grunting and thrusting up with each contraction of my jewels to make sure that my cum was flooding the deepest part of Ashley’s stretched and fully stuffed pussy, feeling the stretched nipple pain with our nipples connected, Ashely still being pulled up by the hair by Julie.   

I thought Ashley would pass out at any moment as her wide eyed silent scream was fading and her eye lids were fluttering. Julie finally released Ashley’s hair and she slumped onto my breasts, momentarily passing out due to the passion of the moment.  I looked at Julie around Ashley’s motionless head on my chest and winked. She came in for a luxurious French kiss and we both slowly withdrew our large, and still rock hard clits from her cunt and ass, stopping just short of allowing our flaring clit heads from emerging from their respective love tunnels.

Ashely roused and lifted her head with a huge smile. â€œYou both are the best I have ever had, and that is saying something as I have had every single big dick girl at Beta Delta Gamma for the past 4 years. Holy shit,  and I have never passed out from a fourth level orgasm before. Shit. I have never even had a fourth level orgasm before.” Ashely said in now a somewhat shy and reserved voice.

Julie broke the tender moment with more drunk power talk. â€œYou are not done yet bitch. I want you to turn over now and let me plough that pretty little cunt of yours while Mandy puts her massive clit in your tight ass. What are you waiting for slave, fuck toy. Move it!” 

I was shocked at Julie’s tone, but turned on by it as well.

Ashley tried to push up but momentarily forgot our nipples were clamped together and I let out a little yelp when her movements nearly ripped off our nipples. She looked sheepishly at me and unclipped my nipples, leaving her nipples securely clipped with the dual sided nipple play device.

Julie had now fully withdrew her clit from Ashley’s now gaping ass star which, despite her clinching attempts could no longer close at all. I pulled back my clit and Ashley was now free to rock forward onto her hands and knees so she could flip over. Apparently, Julie liked being on top and wanted to fuck Ashley face to face, with me fucking her ass from underneath. Julie just sat back on her high heels for a moment as Ashley in her post orgasmic haze fumbled with her position to drop onto my still rock hard clit. Ashley sat on my flat tummy and put her legs outside my thighs, working herself into position. She threw her head back and I could feel the silky soft strands of her hair tickle my face and neck as she wiggled her hips lower, lower and lower still until my cum covered and slippery clit head was at the entrance of her firm muscular ass. 

 Finally, Ashley aligned with my love pole and with no ceremony, just sank all the way down in a reverse crab position on hands and feet circling her hips as my slippery shaft slid into her gaping anal tunnel. Ashley kept up the cork screw motion of her hips to the beat of the music until I was fully buried in her ass. I reached up, spread Ashley’s ass cheeks with my hands, and wiggled a little more to push in another inch or so to make sure we were fully seated and then nodded at Julie to begin her sequence as I gripped Ashley’s tiny waist and held her in place. Ashely’s pussy was leaking my cum and the gaping fuck tunnel was ready for Julie.

Julie first leaned in, grabbed Ashley by the back of the neck and kissed her passionately, biting her tongue and pulling it out with her teeth in an obvious show of dominance. She let Ashely’s tongue go and then moved in for another kiss, whispering “Now the fun begins.”

Julie lined up her steely hard clit and found no resistance with Ashley’s pussy which was gaping, dripping,  and wide open.

“Clinch your pussy you cunt. I want to feel your training as I plough you.” Julie whispered to her stunningly beautiful fuck toy for the moment.

I let go of Ashley’s ass cheeks and felt up Ashley’s thin waist, fingering the delicate, but very strong satin corset cinching her waist and did not stop until I found her full breasts. I cupped each of them with my hands and fingered the nipple clips which were still attached.  Ashley moaned her approval and panted, “thank you Mistress Mandy. yes Mistress, play with my tits. They are all yours.” 

What was that?” Julie demanded, wanting Ashley to now display her submissive role for all to hear.

“yes, Mistress Julie. Please fuck me. Plough me with your massive clit. I will be a good fuck toy, sex slave for you. Feel me clinch your clit. I will be a good girl, oh yes, I will be your good submissive girl. Mistress Mandy, play with my nipples, twist them, play with the clips, I want to moan, whimper for you. I, I, promise to be your good girl.”   With that, Ashley raised up her legs and wrapped them around Julie’s tiny waist. She used the spiky ends of her high heels to spur Julee to move forward and drill her cunt with her rock hard clit.

With me already deeply embedded inside Ashley’s ass, the sensation was quite amazing as Julie pushed forward, and forward and forward until I could feel her jewels mingle with mine right at the base of Ashley’s cunt. 

Ashley was writhing in pain and pleasure. â€œso full, so fucking full. Yes, yes Mistress. I am your good girl fuck toy. Fuck me. Use me let me serve you. Fuck yes, oh fuck yes, so full, so fucking full, I love it.” Ashley’s voice trailed off as if the double deep penetration was triggering a first level orgasm already.

“Now, as for the nipple clamps, put this chain in your mouth and stretch your nipples until you cum.” Julie  snapped in an authoritative voice .

Julie reached up, slid a finger between Ashley’s tits to scoop up the chain and then deposited the finger with chain in tow into Ashley’s panting mouth. Ashley accepted the digit and sucked on it, caressed it with her talented tongue and whimpered when Julie withdrew it, making sure to capture the chain in her teeth. Ashley’s head had bent down far to be able to put the chain in her mouth and when she straightened her neck, the chain pulled taught and tugged fiercely at her engorged and sore nipples . While she did this, Julie lifted her heels and put them on her shoulders to be in a better position to pile drive on her cunt, and pile drive she did. In a quick sequence of 10 hip thrusts with Ashley’s legs on her shoulders, Julie drilled with deep, penetrating strokes into Ashley’s already over stuffed cunt an and with the white hot pain in her nipples, Ashley slid into a second level orgasm, screaming between her teeth with each drilling plunge of Julie’s clit into her pussy.

“Mandy, grab her tits and pull them down.” Julie demanded and rather than incur any of Julie’s new found rath, I complied immediately, reaching around Ashley’s torso under her armpits and pulling down her perfect tits, still captured in her hot pink corset. I grabbed her tits right at the base of her extended nipples  which were being pulled up by the chain in Ashley’s teeth. I pulled down to provide the maximum tension effect on the nipples and with Julie continuing her pile driving thrusts into Ashley’s cunt, Ashley screamed again with the start of a third level orgasm.  

Julie in a calm voice leaned down with her clit buried to the hilt in Ashley’s pussy, offered a compliment of sorts. â€œI am going to cum inside you and give you all that you crave, all that you desire, all that a fuck toy of mine can have.” Julie kissed Ashley’s quivering lips with the chain clinched between her teeth and protruding from her red lips. Julie then started again with her deep thrusts. With me frozen in place deeply embedded inside Ashley’s ass, each thrust was a full double clit insertion into Ashley’s pussy and the sensation was mind blowing.  There was no way I was going to cum again, not with all the weight on me, nearly crushing me, but for the supple satin fabric of the circular couch, but I could see in Julie’s eyes that she was close.

“Cum for me bitch. Fuck toy. Cum now.” Julie uttered as she, still with Ashley’s heels up at her head, reached down and manually twisted the nipple clamps to increase the intensity of the nipple play. The shock had the intended effect.   Ashley’s cunt clinched, squeezing Julie’s clit and sending her over the orgasm edge.  Julie started howling with her fourth orgasm and Ashley screamed between her clinched teeth that she was Cuming. It was another full body spasm fourth level orgasm which had completely immobilized Ashely who dropped the chain from her teeth and just sighed in deep orgasmic bliss as she began squirting a full spray of cum juice out of her almost sealed pussy. The fact that there were few spaces for the cum squirt to release increased the pressure and Julie was bathed in a cum shower of Julie’s squirting orgasm.

As Ashley’s eye lids began to flutter again and close. I took the opportunity to try something I had been thinking about ever since Ashley flipped over. I quickly traced my fingers down Ashley’s flat tummy with a bulge in it of Julie’s deeply embedded clit, continued down past the hem of her corset, down to her fully erect mini female clit. I used the thumb and index finger of my left hand to grab the base of her female clit, and the thumb and index finger of my right hand to grab the top part of her clit. In one quick pinching and twisting motion I rotated the top and bottom parts of her clit in opposite directions. The effect was instantaneous. Ashley’s eyes flew open and her whole body softened from her full body spasm. Her eyes began to sparkle and in a soft, controlled voice just audible above the music cooed: “Oh my, oh my, this feeling, oh my, do you see them? The angels around us. Oh my, I am, yes, Cumming, no more than that, everywhere the angels, I feel everything, like my entire body is the orgasm, I am an orgasm. Oh my, what a feeling, never before, oh my, this is where I need to be, right here, with you both.” Ashley’s voice had an eerie tone to it, almost spooky texture, but at the same time in complete control complete calm. Ashley reached up and stroked her own face and just purred in delight. â€œyes, I an orgasm, feel that. Everywhere, all at the same time, everything is an orgasm.”  With each soft stroke of her own facial cheek, Ashley shuddered 

Julie, looking a bit spooked, let go of Ashley’s nipples and unclamped them, tossing the chain to the side. I let go of Ashley’s clit and just started softly stroking her hips and upper thighs with feather like touches.  Ashley was nearing a Dopamine overdose.

“yes, My thighs are orgasming, everywhere all at once. Oh my, this is pure, this is the first time, never before have I achieved a fifth level, oh my.” Ashley shuddered with each soft stroke of my fingers on the smooth, firm skin of her hips and flat tummy. Ashley softly began dragging her fingertips over her extended and engorged nipples and shuddered with each finger stroke, each caress. It was like her orgasm was all encompassing, all around her, making all of her exposed skin electric, especially her swollen nipples. She just purred with each feather light stroke of her fingers as if each stroke was resulting in another orgasm for her. It was as if the twisting of her clit in the middle of her fourth level orgasm pumped an entire shot of dopamine into her brain like an injection of morphine and she was not coming down from it.

Julie just continued a lazy stroking pattern, milking what she could from her own orgasm as she deposited more cum into Ashley’s well used cunt, eliciting more cooing sounds from Ashley with each and every stroke, shuddering each time Julie bottomed out, as if her trance like state allowed her to transport her mind to her cunt to experience each sliding sensation of Julie’s clit in her well used and dripping pussy.

I looked up and saw Julie wink at me and I nodded in my approval of her softening tactics since I, and I bet Julie, had no experience with what Ashley was feeling.

With us both in Ashley’s fuck holes I mused: “Well, I think we are in. definitely in all the way in Beta Delta Gamma. Wouldn’t you say Ashley?” Chuckling at my dual meaning of for sure knowing that we were “in”, that we would be invited to join the sorority, knowing that we were definitely jewels deep in Ashley.   She did not respond with words, but just reached up with one hand to stroke Julie’s cheek, and reached back with the other to stroke my cheek. She let us know that we had passed this test without any words.

Another two songs came and went over the stereo system and Julie and I had fully withdrawn from Ashley who laid peacefully on the satin sheet between us. We snuggled her, me in back and Julie face to face with her. My hands gently caressed her tiny waist and exposed hips and upper thighs with more feather light fingertip strokes and each elicited a smaller and smaller shudder from Ashley, letting me know that her orgasmic high did have an end point and she was now coming down a bit. Julie gently stroked Ashley’s face and neck as they engaged in a soft, peaceful kissing session, all the while Ashly letting out purring and cooing noises as her orgasmic state caused her to randomly spasm and shudder with each fingertip stroke Julie gave her neck, her exposed nipples, her facial cheek.

My rock hard clit was still an issue and rather than trap it between us, I pushed it between Ashley’s legs. She moved a leg up and over Julie’s hip and gave me access to either of her holes, wiggling her ass and pushing that cute rear into me. 

“Where would you like it my cute fuck toy?” I whispered into her ear as I tucked a stray strand of her silky hair over her ear, tracing my finger around her ear lobe and eliciting more mini orgasmic minor shudders from her.

“My pussy has both Mistress Julie’s and your cum in it. I like the feeling. Mistress Mandy, would you help me keep it inside me for a while longer?” She said in a dreamy like voice.

Without saying anything, I reached over her hip, found the head to my clit poking through her trim, tan legs and positioned it at the entrance to her leaking pussy. One gentle hip thrust and I penetrated her cunt, plugging the cum inside her and giving me a heavenly feeling as I pushed in just enough to allow the sensitive under clit head area to rub against the top of her love tunnel, activating her G Spot and causing her to shudder again with mini orgasmic tremors. With my hand draped over her hip and right at her entrance, I could not help myself and lazily traced a figure eight on her female clit which was aroused and standing at attention outside her clitoral hood. She just cooed each time I crossed the eight right over the clit head and her cooing, purring and minor shuddering was getting me turned on, yet again. No way, I thought to myself, and just snuggled in closer to her back, feeling the points of my hard nipples push into the flesh above her corset.

She reached back, grabbed my hip and pulled me in closer. This girl wanted all of my 10 inches inside her cum filled cunt, and I was not going to disappoint. I slowly worked my clit into her pussy until my pelvis was right up against her firm ass cheeks and she finally stopped pulling me in. With a satisfied moan, she returned her attention to making out with Julie.

“This is just all so strange.” Ashley purred into Julie’s mouth. â€œI seem to be Cumming each time you touch me, like my orgasm switch was flicked on and will not turn off,” her eyes sparkling bright as she peered into Julie’s beautiful eyes. Julie in the middle of their kiss, sucked Ashley’s tongue into her mouth an started a mini experiment by giving it a baby blow job, nipping at the tip with her teeth on each out stroke. Each gliding sensation  of feeling Julie’s mouth close around her tongue and suck it in and out produced more shudders, more shivers, and more low, soft moans from Ashley. Julie continued with this as I continued stroking her flat tummy, hips, and started a slow roll with my hips to work my clit around in her pussy for two full songs until we could stroke her without a shudder, knowing now that she was finally recovering.

We just laid there for another few songs and all bathed in the glow of the moment, Ashley most of all, her skin almost translucent in the bright white light shining down on us.

“You both are amazing, so amazing. I will remember this for the rest of my life. You both will be invited to join our sisterhood, for sure, but there is more to the ritual. I know that it sounds crazy, but I still have one more teamwork test for you both, if you are willing.” Ashley squeaked out in a demure voice. Facing Julie, Ashley reached out with her lips and kissed her gently again. Without saying anything Julie just nodded her agreement to continue as did I.

“What could possibly top this last test?” I asked with a quizzical tone in my voice.  

Ashley just snuggled between us for another song without answering, and then offered ,”You as beta Delta Gamma girls must be able to demonstrate that you can work together in challenging circumstances . this will be a test just between the two of you and I will facilitate the session, with a sly sexy tone working its way into her voice, still under the spell of her fifth level orgasm, and still wiggling her ass to feel my clit slide softly in and out of her pussy a few inches at a time.

“Being able to take on different roles means that at times, one will need to dominate another, and one will need to be submissive to another. Versatility is very important to us and this is the key to passing the last test.” 

We all finally sat up and Ashley reached over for her bag of toys.  I swayed slowly to the sexy music on the Buddha Bar station playing in the background, letting my mind wander and allowing myself a calm moment.

My mind wandered to back when I was rimming out Ashley’s cute, tight anal star and I smiled. I would not mind rimming out her tight little anal star again. . Was this who I really am. A lesbian slut who will get hard just to stick her tongue into the anal star of any beautiful girl? 

As I pondered these confusing revelations about my sexual orientation, Ashley retrieved her bag of toys and began to rummage through its contents. Julie and I watched with interest as the sorority girl reached into the bag and withdrew a black floppy dildo attached to a tangled leather harness. A round rubber bulb hung from the middle of the dildo, connected with a short length of rubber tubing. It was quite a contraption, and Julie and I looked at it in confusion.

However, as Ashley worked to sort out all the parts, its function became a bit more clear. It was a long double-dildo, held firmly in the middle by a metal ring. The ring attached to the leather harness at several points. The dangling rubber bulb and tube remained a mystery.

“Who gets to be the Dom and who will be the bitch?” Ashley pondered out loud, sizing us both up with an appraising look. I smiled shyly, thinking the position of ‘The bitch held a certain amount of alluring promise, especially after what I just witnessed from Julie and I am naturally a bit of a submissive by nature. All of my sessions with Monique last year proved that not only was a great fuck tory, but was versatile to the point of being every White Rose Girl’s fantasy each time I was scheduled for a Rose Girl training session. 

Ashley took that as my volunteering, and I was directed to get on my back in the middle of the satin sheet in the middle of the circular couch.

Julie was maneuvered into a position on her knees between my legs. Ashley knelt down beside us. Grasping one end of the rubbery double dildo, Ashley brought the soft, flexible tip in line with Julie’s anal star. â€œMistress Julie, please get onto all fours and give your bitch a kiss.” Ashely cooed in a kitten like voice

Julie dropped down to her hands and crawled sensuously to me, straddling her knees on either side of my hips, tits dangling right above mine, hard nipples just touching. I reached up and cradled her beautiful face and pulled her into a kiss. â€œI am all yours Mistress Julie,” I whispered in a playful voice as I parted her lips with my tongue, urging her to deeply kiss me back. She balanced on her right arm and reached up with her left, caressed my cheek, traced a finger p my cute, upturned nose, traced it further up my nose bridge, forehead and up into my silky brunette hair. She then brought her left hand around to the back of my head and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling it down sharply and pinning my head to the white satin sheet. 

“I like it when you call me Mistress,” she cooed â€œDo you want to be my good girl bitch for this test? If so, stick your tongue out as far as you can.” Julie whispered never letting go of my hair, a thousand points of pain erupting from my scalp.

Julie knew that I was experiencing the pain of having my hair pulled, but that did not stop her as she gave my extended tongue a mini blow job. This demonstration let me know that something had triggered within this petite, blonde girl and she might never go back. I could not move my head, but did open my mouth and through caressing red lips, I stuck my soft, wet pointed tongue out as far as I could. Julie lowered her mouth and kissed my tongue, gave it a mini blow job and then, while she was locked onto my eyes, she bit my tongue hard, not enough to draw blood, but hard. She just waited for my reaction and when I reached up with my hands to stroke her torso, cup her breasts, grab her ass and pull her down on me, she had her answer. 

“I will be whatever you want me to be , my Mistress A good girl. A fuck toy. A sex slave slut, anything,” my words a little distorted as she did not let go of my tongue with her teeth until I had finished. When she finally let go, she plunged her tongue into my inviting mouth and we made out, her laying on top of me, me tracing random patterns with my fingers on her naked ass and lower back, her caressing my face with her delicate fingers finally letting go of my hair.

Our intimate moment was then disturbed with a low moan from Julie as she felt Ashley trace a finger up her inner thigh and into her ass crack.

 â€œstick your beautiful ass up for me.” Ashley continued as she found the syringe of lube in her bag of toys. She expertly inserted the syringe into Julie’s tight ass and I experienced Julie moaning in my mouth in the middle of our kiss as Ashley pushed the plunger down to deposit a healthy load of coconut oil deep into Julie’s anal tunnel. Before any of it could escape, Ashley nosed the end of her side of the double headed long rubber dildo up into the blonde girl’s tight little anal fuck slot. Julie sighed with pleasure as six inches of the floppy rubber prick slipped easily into her now well-lubricated anal love hole. The shiny metal ring pressed up firmly against her outer sphincter, framing her pretty little ass crack perfectly within the metal band.  The dildo had a bulb right before the metal ring on each side and Ashley made sure that this bulb was securely seated into Ashley’s anal star so that it would not slip out. Julie clearly had the Dom side of the device as the metal ring was right at her anal star when it was fully embedded. With Julie still laying on me, I reached around and felt the toy sticking out of her ass and gave it a tug. â€œNice,” was all I said as Julie pushed up to be on all fours, and then up off her hands into a position on her knees.   Julie just gave out a sigh and lifted up so that she was upright, on her knees between my spread legs, the dildo dangling from her cute, firm ass.   

The toy on the other side of the metal ring was a few inches of flexible stiff rubber material to which the other 6 inch rubber dildo was attached. The flexible section would stay in whatever configuration you set it to. Ashley bent the section into a U shape and pulled it up through Julie’s legs so that it looked like she had two clits. Her natural and still rock hard clit proudly pointing right at me, and her new rubber clit dangling beneath it.  I giggled, joking that she had just magically sprouted a second clit.

Ashley then encouraged Julie to help her as the various straps of the leather harness were looped into place, one band around her waist, and the other two around her firm upper thighs. Working the buckles, Ashley secured everything properly, and one half of the double dildo was now firmly mounted in the wet, velvety socket of Julie’s anal love tunnel. Ashley made sure the straps were cinched tight, and gave the soft rubber dildo an experimental tug. Julie’s hips rocked forward in response, making it clear that the shaft was tightly mounted into her T Girl pussy, angled basically in the same orientation as her own large clit just under her jewels, and would follow her every motion. Ashley took the opportunity to sensuously stroke Julie’s engorged natural clit at the same time just marveling at its length and girth, no doubt remembering that just moments ago, it was deep within her cunt. 

The exposed six inches of the other end of the dildo after the U shaped section now set in place dangled beneath Julie’s erect clit. The toy swung limply between her thin tan legs.

Ashley took some additional coconut oil lube from a jar and began coating the dangling dildo, and when finished, she took another syringe of lube and aimed it at my anal star. I helped her by lifting up my hips and pulling my ass cheeks apart so she had easy access to inject me. I closed my eyes and sighed with the pleasure of the rod penetrating me, knowing that something far larger would be coming soon, and this got my clit to twitch.

With all lube applied, Ashley started. â€œNow girls, teamwork and cooperation will be the key, and Mistress Mandy, our cute bitch for this test, you will need to submit completely to Mistress Julie like you have never submitted to anyone before. This will be a challenge, but I am sure you and your cute ass will be up to it.” Ashley then turned to Julie.

“You, my amazing Mistress, my lover, have the task of putting both your clit and this toy inside our little bitch’s anal fuck tunnel at the same time. Work slowly as I am sure that our little bitch here has never before been double penetrated in that cute, tight little ass of Her’s, so be gentle, but firm. Do you understand?” 

Julie just got a wicked grin on her face and nodded, not needing to say anything as she absentmindedly stroked her clit with coconut oil with her left hand and the dildo with her right hand, making sure to evenly spread the slippery liquid.  I had to think back on all my anal training sessions and, yes, in fact, I was a virgin to double penetration  fuck sessions.

I just laid my head back and wondered what this would be like. The rubber dildo was not that large and there was no issue with the size of the dildo in its current state.  In any event, I knew I was well lubed as it took some effort to clinch my outer sphincter to keep the injected coconut oil lube inside my anal star.  I brought my hands to the back of my knees and pulled up, bringing my knees to my chest and spreading them far apart at the same time, in demonstration of my submission to my new Mistress. My clit was still rock hard and flat on my tummy, almost reaching to my lower breasts, ass a little off the white satin sheet, and ass cheeks spread, anal star ready but clinched close to keep in the lube.

Julie continued to double lubricate her two shafts as she contemplated her next move. She knee walked toward me and aimed her natural clit head at my star. She nosed the head against my anal opening and I relaxed to let her in, making sure to keep a tight seal around her clit as she entered me. I gave out an involuntary groan of pleasure, as I just love the initial penetration moment when being fucked. . The anal star stretching was a little more noticeable as this was much larger than the tongue extender device she used on me earlier, but I concentrated with my breathing and soon, she had 4 inches of her clit inside me. She just rocked back and forth several times and softly purred, “Relax my pet. Be my good girl, my fuck toy. Relax your ass for me.”  She continued rocking back and forth on her knees until she could see that when she pulled out, my sphincter remained open and gaping. She then knee walked a bit closer to me, resting her clit next to mine and inserted the rubber dildo into my ass crack, staging it for the final assault   The rubber dildo was smaller in length and girth and slipped in easily now that Julie had already prepared my anal star with her much larger clit.  After a few thrusts, she pulled my knees up to my breasts and told me to hold them there. I knew that this would give her more access and complied with just a smile, noticing that my spiky heels were now pointed at the ceiling. What a sight this must be, I thought to myself in another almost outer body experience moment.

I looked over to Ashley who was lazily fingering her female clit with a figure eight pattern as she  reclined on her side, head resting on her hand supported by an elbow on the sheet, upper leg bent to expose her pussy, and the sight was mesmerizing with her tiny waist cinched by her corset. She looked so fucking hot in her hot pink outfit all lite up with the bright spot lights against the dimmed background, occasionally bringing her fingers to her mouth to lick and suck, wet and savor before returning them to her lazy clit self massage. She laid next to us, watching intently as Julie continued exploring with the new toy.

Julie then returned her natural clit head to my gaping anal star and pushed in again,, this time aiming the rubber dildo at my star once her clit was in deep enough. She just held the shaft of the dildo firmly and gently, pumped forward with her hips with ever increasing pressure, making sure the dildo was lined up and parallel with her embedded clit, slick with the coconut oil. .

I knew this was going to be painful as Ashley was correct. I had never been double penetrated before, but was willing to do what was necessary to continue, butterflies in my tummy as I rocked back with my ass to demonstrate my willingness.   I released my knees and brought them around Julie’s back, locking them in place and pulling Julie towards me. She smiled with the appreciation of a good femdom praising her submissive and pushed forward, now with both of us trying to get me double penetrated.

Julie kept up a cooing string of “good girl” and “you are doing great” and “relax my baby, let it in” for the next two songs and then it happened. With a blinding flash of pain, I felt the tip of the rubber dildo pop into my anal cavity alongside Julie’s hard clit. Julie just paused a moment to let me adjust, listening to me hiss in a deep breath of air,  and while she was enjoying the sight, Ashley just purred through her continuous, now 20 minute and counting orgasm as she circled her clit and fingered her nipples beside us, occasionally shuddering as she did so.  Now that Julie was in, I unlocked my ankles from behind Julie’s back and returned my knees to my chest, holding them in place with my hands an , once again, rocked back to offer myself up to my new Mistress.

I hissed in another breath and nodded for Julie to continue. Julie now was able to push more of the rubber dildo inside of me, now that the head had popped in,  with short gentle thrusts and made sure that everything was well lubed. My anal star was now giving into the pressure and stretching. I continued to focus on my breathing and relaxation efforts. One song later, Julie was jewels deep in my ass, leaning forward, head just above my breasts. To show her appreciation, she suckled my nipples with her soft lips and cooed, “good girl, you are such a good girl. â€œI am all the way in. You are my bitch now. Do you understand? Not just for this test, but for life. I want you to be my good girl bitch whenever, where ever we are. Got it?” Julie, in an almost drunk, intoxicated voice said.

I could not believe what she was saying, but it really turned me on and I responded in a demure voice: “Yes, Mistress Julie. I am your bitch, your good girl bitch to do with as you please, to fuck, to kiss, to love, forever.” I view her a lip kiss to seal the deal and she winked in appreciation.

With Julie on her knees, pelvis pushed right up against my ass, both her tools deep inside me, arms on either side of my breasts, head down nibbling and suckling, my eyes closed, head back, my hands down to Julie’s ass, caressing each ass cheek, pulling her into me, marveling at her tiny waist, pulling her close, savoring the fullness in my ass, the attention to my sensitive nipples and the entire scene, neither of us noticed that Ashley had grabbed the rubber bulb attached to the tube attached to the toy. Without any discussion, she began pumping the rubber bulb and I felt an increase pressure in my ass. The bulb was pushing air into the double sided dildo and when I opened my eyes to look at Julie who had raised her head from my nipples, it was apparent that the increased length and girth of the toy was affecting her end deeply embedded into her ass as well. Ashley pumped up the toy slowly, but continuously for 30 pumps and finally announced: “when fully inflated, each end of the toy will be 10 inches long and 2 inches in girth, so I want you both to enjoy. Julie, use your little bitch as you see fit as her versatility is being tested. She needs to take all you want to give her, and see if you can get her to beg for more.” With this announcement, that wicked grin returned to Julie’s beautiful face.  She pulled the bulb from Ashley’s hand and gave it a few more experimental pumps, enjoying the sense of fullness in her ass it gave her. 

Ashley got to her knees and crawled over to kneel   above my head, knees on either side of my face and bent over to kiss Julie with long, lingering deep tongue kisses, with both of them on all fours above me. Ashley whispered, “Mistress. Do you mind if I use your bitch while you fuck her?” Julie broke the kiss and smiled broadly. â€œBe my guest.” She whispered back.

With that Ashley worked her head between Julie and I, crawled down my torso a bit, splayed her knees wide and lowered her cunt and clit to my mouth. “let’s see just how versatile you can be bitch Mandy.” With that, she started a small circling motion with her hips to the beat of the music playing with my now extended tongue against her clit. In reciprocal appreciation for my efforts, Ashley lowered her head and without using any hands, scooped up my engorged clit head and sucked it into her mouth. Oh My God, I was in heaven again. I could taste Julie’s and my cum slowly dribbling out of Ashley’s pussy and eagerly lapped and sucked it up into my mouth, savoring each drop, swallowing every delicious morsel, using my tongue as a scoop to dig for more and using my teeth to nibble on Ashley’s clit when she would offer it to me. Ashley was cooing again and occasionally shuddering, no doubt a continuation of her fifth level orgasm, and her expert blow job skills were getting me harder, if that was even possible. I could really feel the BDG clit ring pressing against the skin of my clit base and knew, just knew that if Julie could work my anal G Spot with her combined 4.5 inches in diameter dual fuck poles in my ass, I would come for a third time.

I could feel Ashley push forward now and again, taking her delicious cunt away from my mouth as she deep throated me right to the base of my clit, giving me wonderful sensations with her swallowing technique in mid throat fuck, and wiggling her tongue all the way down until I bottomed out in her throat.

Julie had stopped pumping the dildo and started moving in and out of me. I figure that the dildo was about the same length and just a bit narrower than her engorged clit as she started a rhythmic pumping of my anal fuck tunnel. Deeper, and deeper she plunged with the now inflated dildo matching her clit size and somehow my cute, little ass stretched and stretched to accommodate all she could give me.

At one point, remembering what Ashley had said, I purred, “Please Mistress Julie, give it to me. Fuck me. I am your good girl bitch. Fuck me with both your love poles, Please, as deep as you want. Make me your bitch, Oh My god I want to be your good girl bitch.”  I wrapped my legs around Julie again and pulled her into me as I begged for more, spurring her on with the sharp ends of my high heels into her firm ass cheeks.

My last word was cut off with a slow, firm press forward by Julie of her hips until I could feel her skin against my ass cheeks. She was all the way in and I was loving it. â€œyes, my love, use me, please use me, please..”

My word was cut off again with a wet cunt forced down on my mouth. I started sucking on Ashley’s female clit in earnest and her orgasmic shuddering started up again and did not stop this time until I was rewarded with a facial bath of   squirting cunt juice directly in my mouth which I swallowed eagerly and sucked for more. My continued nibbling on her clit rewarded me with another stronger full body spasm and another squirt of cunt juice directly in my mouth. gone were her hard to control wiggling and squirming, and now in her plateaued state of arousal, she just rolled her hips in a slow circle as I sucked hard on her clit again, with another shudder, and another mouthful of girl squirt cum, finally I reached up and stuck two fingers into her barely closed anal star and bit on her clit a little harder and got her to grunt in approval with another, slightly stronger squirt stream of cum in my mouth all of which I swallowed, working my tongue in circles around her well used labia. 

All of her squirting got me to the point of no return and I responded with a full body spasm of my own with my clit half way down Ashley’s throat and going deeper. She just pushed forward to bury my clit deep in her throat and reached up to pull Julie by the jewels to go jewels deep in my ass with both her love poles and that was it. Spurt after spurt of my cum was shot directly into Ashley’s tummy and only after the fourth spurt did she need to come up for air and take the last shot directly in her mouth, sucking hard and milking my shaft to force all the cum I had to give into her wet, warm mouth.

I finally released my lock on her cunt and whimpered with over stimulation and excessive ass stretching. Ashley got the hint and allowed my clit to pop out of her mouth with a pop, and Julie backed off until just her natural clit was inside me, realizing that the pumped up dildo was not quite as long as her 10 inches. 

“Holy fuck my Mistresses, holy fuck, that was amazing.” I panted out as Ashley knee walked back to sit back on her heels behind my head and Julie now withdrawing completely from my gaping anal star. â€œI wonder. Should I fist this cute bitch in the ass or give her a rest?” Julie pondered out loud holding up her delicate fist and sizing it up against my gaping anal fuck tunnel.

“Hold off Mistress Julie, I have something more fun in mind. Scoot forward and put the dildo back in the bitch Mandy’s ass and then lay back, ass cheeks to ass cheeks. Mandy, reach down with your hands and find Mistress Julie’s hands. I want you both to pull yourselves together, forcing more of the toy up deep into bitch Mandy’s ass.” Ashley purred to both of us.

Julie complied quickly and before I knew it, with my clit still rock hard and coming down from my orgasmic release, I had found Julie’s hands and we were pulling each other together. Since the toy was already fully embedded in Julie’s anal love tunnel with the restriction ring preventing any more of it from going inside her, all the extra length of the  flexible, bendable part connected to the inflatable part was free to be pushed deep inside me, and pushed deep inside me it went.

Ashley picked up the air inflation bulb and started pumping until its pressure sensitive gauge hissed to let the user know that it was fully inflated, and holy fuck. I had 10 inches or more inside me with its maximum girth stretching me like I have never been stretched so deep before. Julie was moaning with the pleasure of feeling fuller than she had ever been with 10 inches of 2 inch thick dildo deep in her cute ass. We just started wiggling our hips as we held hands listening to the music in our own, very unique ass to ass dance, fully stuffed and connected together with a bond of sisterhood that could never be broken, at least until the deflate button was hit.

What Ashley did next was a surprise.  First, she leaned in and kiss me with a deep tongue kiss and winked. She then crawled over to Julie and gave her a kiss, whispering something to her I could not hear. Then she stood up, high heels on either side of our ass to ass coupling, and began to squat down, facing Julie. She reached down and found my clit, pulled it up to a vertical position, reached down found Julie’s still hard clit and brought it up to match mine. We were jewels to jewels so our clits were right next to each other in parallel when Ashley pulled them up. She then aimed the joint clit heads at her well used pussy and sank down until both clit heads made contact. Since Julie’s and my clits were about the same 10 inch length, they matched up perfectly and entered Ashley’s pussy at the same time as she sank down.   I heard a “fuck, holy fuck, oh my, holy fuck,” from Ashley who was facing away from me.

What a sight from my perspective. This beautiful creature with a tiny cinched 18 inch waist, firm, muscular ass and tone, tan legs in her hot pink outfit slowly sinking down on our love poles and not stopping until she had empaled herself with about half the length. She shuddered with another layer of orgasm from her pussy being stretched and both Julie and I were bathed with one of her squirting cum shots which lubricated the rest of our shafts. My god, I thought, this girl is a nymph and has come 20 times or more.

To the beat of the music, Ashley began her pole dance, sinking lower and lower with each cork screw circle of her hips . Holy fuck I thought. She is going to double penetrate herself on our clits and I get to watch the show.

Ashley took two full song sequences to cork screw all the way down and for 10 minutes she just wiggled, squealed, moaned, grunted and occasionally squirted more cum as she double fucked herself into her highest level plateaued state of orgasmic bliss possible. Her quads finally started to give out and she sunk to her knees, facing Julie and just rested, panting as she continued to make small circling, rolling motions with her hips, all for my benefit now that I could see both our clits penetrating her, her stretched pussy lips all glistening with cum juice. For one entire song, she just knelt there on hands and knees, rocking back and forth, allowing just a few inches of our dual clit girth to slide out, and back in, and then I heard an odd sound.

The door to the chapter room somehow became unlocked and I heard the unmistakable clicking noises of at least 3 girls in high heels walking towards us from behind my head. There was no where to go, no where to hide and Ashley made no attempt to get up, rather just continuing with her 2 inches in, 2 inches out rocking motion to the music. She was in a orgasmic haze and it was difficult to get through to her.

“Well, you two pledges seem to be having the time of your lives  with our house slut Ashley,” came a familiar voice. It was Marci from the afternoon tea event. Oh My god, was that just a few hours ago? I thought to myself, and oh my god, what am I doing in front of this prim and proper senior sorority sister? .  I turned bright red with embarrassment, but really could go nowhere, Julie holding me in place and us both locked into a deep lovers embrace with Ashley’s pussy the connection point. 

I could hear two other girls whispering behind me, and some odd chain rattling sound, but could not bring my head up to see who they were.  my large clit inside Ashley’s cut along with Julie’s, and us both locked together with the anal double headed dildo, pumped to its maximum pegging us together.  I got up on my elbows to be able to turn my head, and what I saw jolted me from my blissful sex crazed state back to the moment.

Marci continued: “Yes, Slut Ashley sometimes gets a little carried away with our initiation rituals and she seems to have outdone herself today. The S cubed on her collar designates her as our “Submissive Sex Slave” and she is to wear it at all times so that we BDG girls can use her for whatever we wish, but I bet she neglected to tell you that. Naughty girl Ashley and I think you should be punished for taking advantage of our two highest rated pledges, but we will get to that in a minute.  Sandi, Kari, get the training collar ready.” Marci’s controlling demeaner and tone of voice gave me the impression that she was the top Mistress in the sorority.

Marci, herself, was a looker. An Afro-American beauty with black, straight hair to the middle of her back, a petite, but athletic body with what seemed like full, perky breasts and a to die for pair shaped firm ass and a tiny waist. She had model like perfect facial features with a complexion that was just mesmerizing. Her eyes, though, were so sexy, so luring, so dangerous. Cat eye makeup, long eye lashes, maybe too long, dark eye liner and eye shade which gave her a mysterious, maybe even scary , look. She was wearing a wrap dress, of sorts, which somehow, clung perfectly to her body to highlight all her best features.

 I was wondering where you two had run  in the middle of our afternoon tea service. If you had made it back to the table, I would have handed you both your official formal invitations to join our Beta Delta Gamma Sorority, but I can see that Ashely has led you astray. I hope that she has not been pretending to be an actual BDG sister, has she? Well no matter. I only hope that she has been showing you two gorgeous girls a good time, and from what I see, I think you would agree.” Marci was examining our position with the eye of an engineer and she smiled approvingly when she confirmed that Julie and I were connected together in three places, our anal stars with the fully inflated dildos, our clits inside Ashley, and our hands holding lovingly onto each other. â€œVery inventive” was all she said after her inspection.

“ Now, as for the appropriate punishment… What do you think Mandy? Julie? Ashley knew she was breaking the rules by bringing you here without an escort, and oh, my, word, the things you all have been up to! We have it all on high definition, 4K video with surround sound audio, so there is no denying anything Ashley.” â€ Marci said in a soft, solacious tone as she climbed up onto the plush white satin couch and knelt down beside Ashley who was still rocking back and forth, still taking a couple inches of slippery double T Girl clit in her pussy. To the beat of the music.  

Marci stroked the curve of Ashely’s firm, perfect ass, traced a finger down her ass crack to her anal star which was winking in anticipation of something, anything, but Marci moved on. She traced her finger down further and just let out a low whistle like sound when she encountered first my hard T Girl clit, and then Julie’s further underneath mine. 

“Oh my, you girls are well endowed. I saw the reports, but you are massive, and so cute,” she said while fingering the slippery hard surface of my clit shaft, never taking her eyes off the point of insertion into Ashley’s cunt. .

Marci then  traced a finger up Ashley’s corset to the back of her head. She gave Ashley a few gentle strokes on her soft, silky hair before grabbing a fistful of it and jerking her head back.

“What are we going to do with you Ashley?” not really expecting a response as she pulled back on her hair hard enough to elicit a whimper. â€œ If you were not such a fine piece of ass, we would have tossed you out long ago, but damn, what a great piece of ass she is. Don’t you agree ladies?” Marci said matter-of-factly to, I guess, all of us.

“I will be a good girl Mistress Marci, I will.” Ashley’s voice trailed off as if she knew that begging would do her no good.

“I know baby girl, I know. You want to be a good girl, but you still have other thoughts in that gorgeous head of yours and we need to take care of that. Now be a good girl and stay still for me.” Marci said like talking to a pet.

“Kari, the halo collar.” Marci commanded. â€œwe here at BDG have some brilliant minds amongst us and Kari here is studying the intersection of neurology and Biophysics. She developed a training tool for our Submissive Sex Slaves to keep them obedient, compliant and willing to do whatever is commanded of them. She recently upgraded the device to interact with various biological functions of the subject as well and I cannot wait to see how the new version works.” Marci was speaking as if in a lecture hall. 

She took the flexible gold colored halo collar device in one hand and encircled Ashley’s neck, still tugging at her hair to keep her head snapped back and in position. She wiggled the halo collar device up over Ashley’s ears and under her silky hair. She maneuvered it so that the pendant S cubed which matched her neck collar was positioned right in the center of her forehead, the rest of the collar weaved into her hair. Marci, now letting go of Ashley’s hair,  adjusted the device so that it was tight around Ashley’s forehead and clipped into place into Ashley’s beautiful hair. Marci brushed Ashley’s hair over the device so that only the gold collar and S cubed pendant displayed high on Ashley’s Forehead were visible.  Marci reached up and clicked a activation switch in the pendant and Ashley froze in place. 

Julie, now up on her elbows, was looking right at Ashley’s face and  was fascinated by the scene. I could only see Marci work the halo collar into place, but to be honest, up on my elbows my attention was drawn to the cute ass into which my T Girl clit was half way buried. The glistening surface of my clit, the stretched, pink pussy lips all around it, Julie’s clit underneath, Ashley’s cute little dimple anal star still winking as if it was in need of attention. The clinical acts going on higher up just could not capture my gaze like the hot pink stockings, hot ink garter straps, and hot pink corset cinching that tiny waist, all framing the sexiest ass I had ever fucked.

“Let’s increase the submissive factor by 300 percent, reduce the IQ coefficient by 300 percent, increase her anal internal lubrication ability by 200 percent, increase her vaginal internal lubrication by 200 percent, increase her libido desires by 200 percent, increase her cranial dopamine production by 200 percent, increase her orgasmic release cycle to 1 every 60 seconds, and increase the elasticity of her inner and outer anal sphincters to 500 percent. Did I miss Anything Kari?” Marci looked over at Kari who was busy typing on an electronic template in her hand. 

“Well, you had talked about increasing her throat lubrication and elasticity as well Mistress.” Kari said in a soft voice.

“That I did. Thanks for reminding me. Increase throat elasticity by 200 percent, throat lubrication by 100 percent, and increase full recovery time for all functions to 60 minutes. You never know what uses I might have for her tonight with the alumni in town.”

Kari tapped a few more commands into the electronic tablet and activated the submit button. Ashely just let out a huge sigh, closed her eyes and was frozen still for 60 seconds.  

I felt Ashley stop her wiggling on our deeply embedded clits in her pussy and was frozen

In place, or so it seemed, as I waited with a shocked expression.  They actually have a mind control device, I said to myself, marveling at the genius

 Of it.

“Sandi, come pet your slave sister Ashley. Make sure her transition moment is a pleasant one. This will be our perfect opportunity to test the new configurations.” Marci commanded to the other beautiful girl who came in with them, but who had remained silent the entire time As Sandi walked to the edge of the white satin couch, got on all fours and salaciously crawled over to where Ashley  was straddling Julie’s and my tangled legs. I could not help but stare at Sandy’s svelte, trim figure. Very thin with delicate, small breasts and long, slim legs. My mind was such a cauldron of lesbian lust I just could not shake the ideas out of my head of her crawling over to me, to lean over me, to let me suckle on those perfect, perky breasts, to feel her tongue in my mouth.

As Ashley was experiencing her cognitive and biophysical transformation something clicked into place for me. Now so many things made sense. Ashley’s transition to submissive slave during our double penetration session, her gradual decline into a submissive posture for Julie when Julie began to assert herself, everything.

Sandy made her way to Ashley’s side, stroked her lower back just under the tightly cinched corset and traced a finger down to her anal star which was winking in anticipation of her touch. Sandy brought her lips close to Ashely’s ear and whispered in a soft, sexy voice that I could just make out: “You are such a good girl Ashely, a good girl.” With that, Sandy leaned in and gave Ashely a delicate, lips to lips gentle kiss. Ashely whispered back: “Oh Sandy, it is so amazing, so wonderful, I hope you get to service Mistress Julie and Mistress Mandy. They are so beautiful, and their massive clits, Oh, My, god, you need to have both of them in your cute pussy.  Oh yes, you definitely need to try this.” 

Ashley began her slow, gentle rocking motion again and I could feel her pussy slide up and down on my clit while she reached up with one hand, cupped Sandy’s face and pulled her into a full, deep French kiss. The kiss between the beautiful girls was passionate, and loving. I noticed that after a minute or so, Sandy would stick out her tongue and pull Ashley’s mouth onto it like she was face fucking the beautiful blonde, synchronizing  her tongue plunges with the insertion of one, then two, then three fingers into her anal star, eliciting deeper and deeper moans from the girl now entirely under the control of the new mental programming .

I was still contemplating something to say to Marci when Julie noticed that Ashley’s eyes had turned towards her. I felt a tinge of jealousy at the attention Julie was receiving as Ashley nudged Sandy’s face down with her to engage in a three way kiss with Julie.  I could not see the kiss, but no doubt tongues were twirling as both Sandy and Ashley gave Julie a kiss she would remember for a while.

 â€œAshley, really? You are a naughty girl and yes, Marci, I think she needs to be punished. What did you have in mind Marci?” Kari’s tone was even, but commanding as she stared directly into Marci’s pretty face.

“I have just the thing and it would be a first for her. A perfect test of her new configuration”  Marci purred back at Kari.   I could see Kari’s eyes widen with what I could not see. 

“Ashely, you want to be a good girl, don’t you?” Marci cooed in a soothing tone right into Ashley’s ear.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“..and you want to please me, to do whatever I tell you, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes, Mistress. I will do anything you wish. What would you like Mistress. Just tell me Mistress. Anything. Please tell me. I c, c, cannot think what may please you, so excited you are hear, so horny, I just want to be a good girl for you.”

Marci smiled. The effect was taking hold. Marci reached back and traced her finger back into Ashley’s ass crack, to her anal star to join with Sandy’s fingers in probing and penetrating the cute girl’s anal love tunnel. They each had three fingers inside Ashley’s star and Ashley was wiggling more now to entice them to go further.  Ashley’s back door passage was now oozing some internal anal lubricant and I noticed the glistening liquid on their fingers as they worked her ass.

“Sandy, go get Rex,” Marci commanded as she replace Sandy’s withdrawing fingers with the rest of hers, folding her thumb into her palm and twisting her fingers into a point as she pushed forward . I watched with amazement as Marci expertly eased her fist into the beautiful blonde’s ass, making sure to pause when her knuckles were right at Ashley’s anal ring, stretching her further. It was so damn sexy.

“yes Mistress, right away.” Was Sandy’s only comment.

The look in Sandy’s eye was a bit devilish and I wondered who Rex might be until I saw who Sandy had with her when she returned moments later.

Rex was a large, muscular neatly groomed pure black Great Dane Dogg.


“Yes, my pet, you will be a good girl for me. You will continue fucking these gorgeous T Girls for as long as they wish, you will let Rex mount you, you will let Rex play with your ass. You want to please Rex, and once Rex’s knot is  deeply and fully embedded into your gorgeous ass, you will begin an orgasmic sequence which will be triggered each time you deep throat my clit and  Kari’s clit. . Do you understand?”  Marci was softly entering these commands into Ashley’s ear with a soft, sexy purring like voice.  Marci just stroked Ashley’s soft, silky hair as she entered the commands and Ashely just nodded her head again and again.

“Yes, Mistress. Anything you wish Mistress. I cannot wait to take you deep in my throat, to please Rex, to please Mistress Julie and Mistress Mandy, yes Mistress, I understand.” Ashley’s voice was hollow and almost robotic sounding.

Ashely began, again, her slow rocking movements and I could feel my clit sliding into and out of her pussy which seemed a bit wetter, more slippery than when Kari started entering the commands.

“Are you ready to begin?” Marci cooed into Ashley’s ear.

“yes, Mistress.” At that, Ashley opened her mouth wide. Marci put a finger under her chin and closed her mouth. “I will tell you when to open my lovely fuck doll. Do not even try to use your mind. Just listen for my commands and do exactly as I say.” More sexy, soft  words from Marci into Ashley’s ear.

“yes Mistress Marci, anything to please you Mistress Marci.” Came from the beautiful girl in all hot pink with the tiny waist slowly fucking herself on our two massive clits.

Marci took that as a positive affirmation that indeed, the new commands had been processed and accepted by Ashley’s manipulated mind. Marci gestured to Sandi who brought the great Dane up onto the couch over to Ashely’s ass.

The dog was a huge, friendly beast, weighing in at well over 200 pounds. But as he trotted happily up to Ashley’s ass, he stopped and his muscles went dangerously taunt as he sniffed the air. He let out a small whine and tilted his head sideways in curiosity. The intoxicating scent of hot cunt juice filled the room, and I knew the alluring odor of wet snatch was not lost on the monstrous beast.  Rex gave a long lick to Ashley’s dribbling anal star and seemed to savor the taste as he went in for several more licks, during his long tongue into Ashley’s quivering and winking star eliciting moans of pleasure from the fuck doll.

As I watched in amazement, his large red prick began to immediately extend out of its sheath, swelling and expanding alarmingly in size. He was a young dog in his prime, so he was ready for some sexual escapades on the spur of the moment. I wondered briefly at the thought of why the scent of sweltering girl pussy would prompt such an instant, almost trained reaction from the doggy. But then I felt my large clit slide in and out of Ashley’s pussy. My clit was being bent down and I experienced an involuntary muscle contraction, rippling up and down the length of Julie’s deeply embedded dildo deep in my ass. I could feel Julie’s heart beating through our connection points, especially through the dildo impaling and connecting us both together, our throbbing clits tightly locked together in Ashley’s cunt, and her hands squeezing mine as we held ourselves together in our ass to ass configuration. . Any stray and passing thoughts were pushed aside in favor of the heavenly sensation of having the dual sensation of fucking Ashly and the depths of my tight little anal fuck tunnel so wonderfully violated with the now, massive dildo.

Ashley, maybe, should have been more concerned, watching Rex  over her shoulder with a lustful gaze in her eyes  as Sandi disconnected the leash to the great Dane’s collar so that he would be free to play. 

I gasped as I suddenly realized her precarious position. Ashley was on all fours, face down,  on top of Julie, at pretty much the ideal mounting height for the lustful doggy. The fact that her pussy was already fully stuffed to the brim with both our massive and engorged clits, left only one very logical and tempting opening. Ashley’s firm, naked ass bobbed in the air in a saucy and alluring manner right in front of Rex’s face. 

Once Ashley awoke from her programming fog, she was momentarily disoriented, thinking that she needed to please Rex by dismounting Julie and I. Ashley attempted to raise and try to dismount us, liberating several inches of our clits from her pussy. 

Marci already had anticipated the need to intervene. She straddled her legs on either side of the beauty, facing away from Ashley and towards me, reaching down to encircle the cinched waist in the hot pink corset. With both her hands encircling Ashley’s tiny waist, she pushed firmly down and back. Slowly Ashley sank back down on our clits until she was fully pussy double penetrated again. Marci stroked Ashley’s silky soft hair like she was petting a dog and offered a cooing comment, “Don’t worry slut, you will enjoy this.”

Once again I felt Julie’s wet pussy slippery clit rub against mine and I gave her hand a squeeze. I wondered if this forbidden act was turning Julie on as much as it was me.

Despite my concerns for Ashley, I let out a quiet little mewl of passion and ground my loins in an eager motion, trying to stuff more of my clit into Ashley’s cunt.

Rex was quickly maneuvered into position, and seemed quite adept at the situation. Based on his confident demeanor, I had my suspicions that Ashley’s sweet little asshole wouldn’t be the first time the Great Dane had dipped his wick into a sorority girl or hopeful pledge. Marci moved aside as the huge Great Dane stepped over Ashley’s back, placing his front paws on either side of Ashley’s and Julie’s torsos. Marci seemed to have anticipated this turn of events as Rex was wearing a set of four matching leather paw gloves which, I presume, were designed to prevent his powerful limbs from inflicting serious harm on any of his human female bitches. I paused for a second, just a second, at what it would feel like to be mounted by such a powerful, virile beast such as Rex, and then shook the forbidden thought from my head.

My Guardian Mistress had a prized Great Dane herself and during one long weekend sex training session, I was instructed on how to give the powerful animal not only a hand job and blow job, but how to crawl onto all fours, present myself and my anal star to him, and in dog speak to coax him to mount me. I think I set a record that weekend with my Guardian Mistress capturing it all in high definition 4K video with 8 full cum loads of the Great Dane in my mouth, and 4  loads in my tight, cute ass. Those memories flooded into my consciousness. As I watched Rex mount Ashley.  

 He squatted down with his haunches, brushing his soft fur against Ashely’s ass and lower back. Ashley let out a mewl of pleasure anticipating what was to come. Sandwiched between Julie and the canine, the scene had reached the point of no return Ashley was going to be triple penetrated and it was turning me on that I had a front row seat to watch Rex’s now fully engorged and massive dick make its way into her winking anal star.

Lowering her ass just a bit, and wiggling it to line up Rex’s cock, Ashley’s eyes went wide with shock and I knew the tip of Rex’s fleshy cock had nuzzled its way into the crack of her upturned butt cheeks. The only thing protecting Ashley’s sweet, well used anal fuck tunnel was the random error of Rex’s thrusting.  With a front row seat, I could fix that an maybe pick up some points with Marci at the same time.

as I saw Rex’s cock zero in on the petite and beautiful Ashley’s recessed anal dimple, I instinctively grabbed and wrap my fingers around Rex’s massive dog cock, finding it impossible to fully enclose my fingertips around his girth. I felt his throbbing meat pulsing in my grip as I gave him a loving stroke with my hand. Then sliding my fingers down close to the tip of his prick, I maneuvered him into alignment with Ashley’s quivering anal fuck tunnel.

 Rex adjusted his stance, and then wrapped his legs around Ashley’s chest for a firm grip.

Ashley gave a tiny whimper of dismay, and then bit her lower lip as Rex began to push. Feeling the pointed tip of his cock ease into her tight little opening, I removed my hand, knowing he was locked on track. Using both hands, I got a firm grip on Ashley’s firm, tan,  naked ass cheeks and pried them further open. In Ashley’s feverish state of sexual excitement, her anal star was already primed and ready, pulsing in and out with anticipation as the Great Dane began to relentlessly pressure his massive dog cock up the cute, petite girl’s defenseless anal fuck tunnel.

Working the tip inside, Rex squeezed in deeper, stretching her tight little anal star around the full diameter of his prick. He paused, adjusting his stance and giving the poor girl a moment to ponder her fate. Then he once again began to push. Ashley squirmed in delight , and only a couple inches of throbbing doggy prick managed to squeeze into her bowels before he ground to a halt.  There was just no room with both Julie and I stuffing her cunt.

Rex had every bit of fifteen inches of throbbing red dog prick to offer, so we all understood that a mere few inches of penetration was not where this was going to end.

With Ashley panting like she was about to give birth stuffed with two massive 10 inch long thick  T Girl clits in her pussy, Rex thrust again and Ashley shrieked. Gone were her calm, fifth level orgasmic composure. This was pure animal rape and there was no doubt about it.

 Another inch of dog cock was successfully embedded. The huge dog fell into a pattern, and with repeated lunges he began to punch his shaft ever deeper into Ashley’s quivering anal fuck tunnel.

With each powerful thrust of his haunches, Ashley’s entire body jiggled and her hips were jarred and forced downward, pounding Julie’s and my clits deeper and deeper into her cunt.  Watching Rex grip her tiny waist was mesmerizing. As the anal onslaught continued, I saw Ashley turn her head to the same side as Rex’s head and he licked her lips in a loving gesture . It was clear that these two had been lovers before and if there was any question about that, the question was resolved when Ashley opened her luscious, full red lips and extended her tongue to twirl with Rex’s. Ashely closed her mouth on Rex’s tongue and sucked the 6 inch wiggling object of her desire into her mouth, bobbing her head on it like she was giving it a blow job.  I had no idea how sexy it was to watch Ashley French kissing this beautiful dog as he pushed another inch of his dog meat inside her ass, but the stiffness in my clit was a tell tale sign of what the scene was doing to me.

I reached up and my fingers once again found Rex’s cock, buried like a telephone pole in the firm foundation of her bowels. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, giving him a firm milking from his sheath to his growing knot. Then I let my hand stroke downward, finding the point of embedment where his cock was locked in the straining ring of her rectal embrace. I ran my fingers around the straining flesh of Ashley’s anal star in a gentle, teasing motion, feeling her shudder in response at my intimate touch.

As Rex’s cock was about halfway in, Ashley’s eyes grew wide with wild lust and she began to issue cooing and purring sounds each time another inch of the Great Dane’s massive cock was hammered into her snug little ass. She turned away from her kiss with Rex an deemed to focus on her task of taking him all the way. With her pussy already stuffed to the brim with an obscenely huge amount of our T Girl clits, the poor girl just didn’t have the space available to accommodate this perverse triple penetration, but  she was going to make it work.

Just then Rex lunged forward with a punishing ass-fucking thrust and Ashley cried out and tumbled forward onto Julie’s chest, mouth right at one of Julie’s hard nipples. Instinctively, Ashley started suckling on Julie’s nipple and Julie in response just stroked the beautiful girl’s head, offering words of encouragement like: “You are such a good fuck doll, aren’t you,” â€œYes, suckle my nipple, nibble on it make love to them, make love to me you beautiful fuck doll.”

Julie’s hand squeezing was now constant as I am sure she had never been in this situation before, not even close. She could feel Rex hammer into Ashley and each hammer thrust pushed Ashley’s ass down and further embedded Julie’s clit into her wet, dripping pussy. Just stroking her hair, feeling her lips and mouth on her breasts, Julie put her head back in blissful resignation that yes, this was the pinnacle of her sexual experiences, and would be for some time. I just kept giving her reassuring response squeezes with my hands as no words could convey how much I loved her right then, right there.

Rex withdrew again, and then hammered another merciless fuck-stroke into the poor girl’s snug little anal star. More dog cock was pressure-fit into Ashley’s ass. More grunts and moan of pleasure from Ashley, more hand squeezing from Julie.  

We fell into that pattern, with Rex pounding Ashley’s firm, cute upturned ass like a jack hammer and the poor girl desperately moaning with pleasure and pain as her anal fuck tunnel expanded, and expanded to take the 4 inch girth of the massive dog dick.

I turned my head an finally noticed that Marci and  Kari were now all undress, all wearing versions of domininatrix outfits,  and all were stunning, especially Marci with her caramel colored flawless skin, and the beginnings of what I just knew was a massive T Girl clit rising to the occasion.   Sandy was wearing an outfit identical to Ashley and it seemed like she was also a biological female. She had the same S cubed collar around her slender, sexy neck and she, too, had a hot pink corset around her very tiny waist. Sandi was more petite than Ashley, and it seemed like her waist was cinched down to just 16 inches, creating quite an image with her petite breasts and flawless ass. It seemed that BDG girls liked their Submissive Sex Slaves pert, sexy, and slender.

Sandi was on her knees servicing Marci, her petite blonde head bobbing up and down, being pushed farther and farther away from Marci’s flat tummy as her T Girl clit engorged and pushed Sandi’s head back. Marci grabbed a fistful of Sandi’s hair and forced her to deep throat her entire rod on the next go. Sandi never hesitated, never balked, never flinched, and impressively, never gagged once as she adjusted her throat angle to take all 11 inches of it, not stopping until her tongue could extend from her stretched mouth and lick her Mistress’s jewels.

After Sandi came up for air,  I noticed that Sandi was fastening a BDG clit ring around Marci’s clit and when she pulled it

tight, it seemed to immediately cause Marci’s clit to balloon,  harden and become more erect. Sandi sat back on her high heels after adjusting and further tightening the clit ring and after she was finished, she looked up at Marci for further instructions. Marci gestured over to Kari. 

Sandi gave Marci’s clit a wet kiss and then knee walked over to Kari and began again, first licking, sucking and stroking Kari’s impressive clit which was not quite as large as Marci’s but it certainly made my mouth water.   Sandi seemed to take her time, seemed to caress Kari’s clit just a bit more lovingly and with a bit more passion than she did with Marci, a clear indication of there lover status outside the constraints of being in such close proximity to the head Mistress of the sorority. When Sandi affixed the BDG clit ring onto Kari, she made sure it was very, very tight, ensuring that Kari’s clit would be as engorged, as rock hard, as possible. No doubt, Sandi had plans for that love pole in a few minutes.

Marci crawled up onto the white satin couch and was lounging next to me, stroking her own long, thick T Girl clit, enjoying the show.

Ashley’s efforts to work her hips to fit more of the dog cock into her ass were paying off. Rex picked up speed and almost all of the massive pole was inside Ashley. I could see the soon to be tennis ball sized knot at the base of Rex’s massive dog cock beginning to bulge and press against Ashley’s stretched anal ring.

I felt Julie wiggle and noticed again the feeling of being so full with the large rubber inflated dildo quiver inside me. I could only hope it didn’t blow while it was stuffed deep into the rippling confines of our asses.

Ashley put her head down on Julie’s chest, reached back, pulled her ass cheeks wide apart and wiggled her ass in a small circle trying to get Rex’s knot inside her over stuffed, over stretched anal fuck tunnel. She finally pushed back with a mighty lunge and the knot disappeared into her ass which seemed to bounce with the knowledge that she had done it . All the up and down translated into more action for Julie’s and my clits buried in her pussy, and I wondered if I could cum again as this all was just so fucking sexy hot.

Ashley brought her arms back in front of her and snaked her hands under Julie’s arms so she could get up onto all fours. Her programming was good and she knew that there would be a treat for her soon now that Rex’s dog knot had jammed inside of her ass.

Ashley just rocked back an forth, abandoning  her futile efforts to look lady like and pushed her head up, opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes.

She simply laid on top of Julie , moaning with mindless pleasure., With Rex’s prick fully embedded up her hot little anal fuck tunnel, his orgasm began to build . The canine’s heavy nut sack swung freely, but began to tense as they bounced against the blonde girl’s widely splayed ass cheeks.  With Ashley opening and closing her mouth, licking her lips for what was coming next, she lost any last remaining sense of her innocence and dignity. It was clear from her expression that once a girl takes well over a foot of throbbing dog cock up the ass, her self-image is changed forever.

Rex, untroubled by any of these psychological concerns, only knew that his huge prick was fully buried in an incredibly warm and snug little rectal fuck tunnel. With an eager growl his balls tightened and started squirting his cum deep inside Ashley’s ass.  Rex then slammed home with a long, powerful thrust. Ashley squealed as he bore into her and then grunted as he bottomed out, her firm naked butt checks pressed flat against his furry haunches. The huge beast withdrew again, and she pulled backwards with her hips, following his motion as they were locked with his knot deep inside her ass, now swelling to large tennis ball size proportions.  Rex simply began a sequence of withdrawing and pushing motions, dragging Ashely along with him, and each time, causing Ashley to fuck Julie’s an my clits with ever increasing vigor. I could hear Julie start to moan and wondered if all the stimulation was going to get her off, yet again, and what about me as I could feel the stirrings of another orgasm building.   I just closed my eyes and wondered if this was all a fantastic dream.

When I opened my eyes again, Marci and Kari were standing on the same side of Ashley, their large, hard T Girl clits erect and pointing right at her mouth which was bobbing up and down with the jerky movements of Rex’s thrusts. Ashely’s eyes were still closed, but she snapped them open with Marci’s command: “Look at me as I enter you my pet.” 

Sandi had prelubed Marci’s love pole with her own throat saliva so it was slippery and fit into Ashely’s wide open mouth with only some throat angle adjustment by Ashely. Marci stroked Ashley’s hair as she pushed more and more of her clit into the beautiful girl’s mouth and throat.  â€œgood girl, you are such a good girl.” Marci purred into Ashley’s ear.

True to her programming, once Marci’s clit was jewels deep, Ashley started to shake with an orgasm which flooded Julie’s and my clits with warm, sweet cunt nectar. Rex was now settled into a minor thrust now and again, but he was now Cumming inside Ashley’s ass and small rivers of cum were leaking past the tight fit of his cock in her ass, dribbling down and bathing Julie’s and my clits with more lubrication, dribbling further down and also lubricating the large rubber dildo stuffed impossibly deep into our respective asses.

I could hear Ashley moan with pleasure as Marci finally withdrew her clit. Ashley got in only one lick of her lips before Kari’s impressive clit was pushed into her wet, inviting mouth . Again, Ashley adjusted her neck angle, and reached up to pull Kari’s ass towards her face to suck down the pretty girl’s clit deep into her throat. Once again, with Kari’s clit deep in her throat. Ashley was hit with another orgasm causing her to shake and quiver.  The mental programing was impressive and clearly, Ashley was benefiting from the orgasmic commands.

The sequence continued for about 10 minutes, with Marci and Kari alternating their deep throat thrusts into Ashley’s throat, Sandy fluffing each girl as they left the tight confines of Ashley’s welcoming throat. Ashley was brought to another orgasm again, and again, and again, one about every 60 seconds for about 10 minutes.

This was all too mind blowing and I could feel Julie erupt inside Ashley’s cunt with a few squirts of her cum juice, mingling with the dog cum dribbling out of Ashley’s ass. Ashley’s cunt was tightly wrapped around our love poles but there were small crevasses where our clits met and her pussy cum nectar mingled with the rest, spilling  down onto our jewels in what seemed like a never ending river of dog cum dribbling out of Ashley’s anal star.

“Oh fuck, I am going to cum, suck it bitch, suck it hard, oh my god, here it comes,” Marci squealed as she gripped Ashely’s head and thrust her clit deep into Ashley’s throat to deposit her cum. Marci just wiggled her hips and panted for 30 seconds until she knew she had to give Ashley some air and then withdrew until just her clit head was lovingly suckled by the beautiful submissive blonde sex slave. 

“Yes, milk it, suck on it, milk me dry, that’s a good girl.” Marci cooed as Ashely made love to her clit with her mouth.

Kari was not far behind as Sandi was on her knees  making love to Kari’s clit whenever it was not in Ashley’s mouth an and a disappointed Sandi looked on as Kari, gripping her about to cum love pole, stuck it into Ashley’s open mouth to let go a torrent of cum shots directly into her mouth. .

“don’t swallow. Suck it all out, but don’t swallow,” Kari hissed out as she was in the throws of her orgasm.

Ashely sucked, suckled, and did her best to pool all the cum in her mouth. 

“Sandi, be a good girl and kiss Ashley, suck my cum from her and share it with her like a good kitten.” Kari cooed as she was coming down from her orgasmic high.

Sandi, a devilish smile on her pretty face, knee walked in and held Ashley’s face still while their lips met. Sandi closed her entire mouth around Ashley’s and then  probed with her tongue to coax Ashley to open up her mouth and share the cum. They made out for what was about 5 minutes as they sucked and slurped the cum between their mouths until Kari gave the command, “Swallow now.”

Both submissive sex slaves eagerly gulped down their respective portions of cum and waited for more instruction.

With a growl, Rex thrust powerfully backwards and was able to dislodge his deflating cock from Ashley’s gaping anal star. For what seemed like 10 full seconds, his massive prick slowly withdrew from her anal orifice which was quivering and half winking with lustful demands for more.

Ashley squealed and wiggled her hips as the massive pole was coming out, dog cum cream drained  from her gaping anal hole an did was all too much for me as I cam again in a shuddering orgasm, adding more cunt cum cream to the mix.   Cum was now dribbling from Ashley’s cunt and ass, down to our clits, jewels, and the rubbery dildos still embedded in our asses. 

providing soothing lubrication for my straining anal star.

Ashley swiveled her hips in an erotic dance of lust, grinding her cunt down onto our love poles now that her anal cavity was vacant.  Her small circling hip movements to the music coincided with her head movements as she continued to make out with Sandi, with Marci and Kari lazily stroking their still rock hard clits in their delicate hands. 

“Want to try one mor thing Kari?” Marci asked with a sly tone to her voice as her head turned to the beautiful girl’s ass, still wiggling and squirming, anal star still gaping.

Kari nodded and just had a puzzled look on her face, no doubt the engineer taking over with how they were going to do it.

Marci looked equally puzzled until Kari’s smile brightened and she lifted her leg up and over Ashely’s back, lowering her clit to rest on Ashley’s back for the moment.

“Come behind me and snuggle up tight. You are longer than me so it should just work,” with that Kari moved back and sank her clit into Ashley’s gaping ass which offered little in the way of resistant, still oozing dog cum and very slippery.

Kari leaned forward  and squashed her tits into Ashley’s back, lifting her pert ass up and as out of the way as possible for Marci,

Marci, followed suit, straddling Ashley and I, moving her hips up to just behind Kari,, an slowly lowered herself until her clit also was at the lower part of entrance to Ashley’s glistening anal star which just moments ago was filled with a massive dog cock. Still slippery, the tight anal opening proved no match for Marci’s thrust and the head of her clit popped into Ashley’s ass. With a muffled grunt, Ashley whose mouth was still being covered by Sandi achieve double, double penetration. It was quite the sight and all right in front of me.

Marci pushed forward slowly and stopped only when her pelvis was right next to Kari’s cute ass.

Holy fuck, I thought. I am witnessing a double double penetration and oh, my God, it is hot.  Ashely, still making out with Sandi, an with her ass all slippery wet with dog cum just wiggled her ass to allow Marci and Kari to drill further into her ass. Marci started giving Kari soft, caressing kisses on her shoulders and back as she started a plunging like motion with her hips to experience the tight friction of the double stuffed anal fuck tunnel.

I just threw my head back and squeezed Julie’s hand again in one, final, act of love as I just laid there in my sexual sensory overload, listening to the soft music fil the air with a memory that would never, and I mean never, be forgotten.

After our performance, neither Julie nor I ever found ourselves short of an offer of a warm and occupied bed for the night. To say that we came to know our fellow sorority sisters intimately in the semesters that followed was an understatement, as we quickly became the two most popular and sought-after girls in the house.   Perhaps it goes without saying that Julie’s and my performance served to set an entirely new standard for all future incoming pledges. Further, our high definition, 4K video performance became the annual highlight presentation to all the BDG girls during the alumni weekend. 

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