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The Adventures of Mandy Love Chapter 1: My First Intimate CD Experience.

Posted: 6 months ago - Jul 18, 2022

My first Lipstick CD lesbian experience was out of this world. So many emotions to push aside and actually cross the threshold to be able to dress for another lipstick CD sister, so many pre-experience fantasies with which to deal, so many outfits from which to choose to dazzle my gorgeous date, and so many wild expectations. How could it possibly live up to what I dreamed about. Well, let me tell you.

She was a real beauty, one of those with natural long blonde, thick, hair, skin so smooth all over that my tongue could feel no hair anywhere on her body, very fit, thin, but muscular with amazing definition in her arms and legs. With her 5 inch stilettos she was 6 foot 6 inches tall, but probably only 160 pounds of pure muscle., just an inch taller than me in my 5 inch heels.  It was electric when I opened my door and looked up slightly to meet her intense gaze through those light brown eyes, framed with perfectly shaped eyebrows, amazing cat eye make-up with dark eye liner, we said nothing, as per our arrangement via email, but I moved closer to greet her with a hug. She smelled heavenly in her sweet, wicked scent, and when I broke the tender embrace, she refocused on my eyes, leaned in and poised her lips just an inch from mine. She was already testing me, to see if I would be a good girl and take her bate. Of course I did and my lips touched hers so lightly, so gently, I could feel my lips pull on her lipstick ladened, full, lips as I slowly parted mine, dragging hers open as I extended the tip of my tongue into her warm, wet, peppermint laced mouth. To feel her tongue, move against mine. To allow our passion to play out a wet, delicious dance, being oh, so careful not to mess up lipstick, was so intoxicating. I basically lost it right there. 

I broke our kiss, grabbed her by the hand and walked her into my plush boudoir as I simply could not wait another second. The arrangement was for her to arrive, sip some champagne, say nothing to each other, and if the chemistry was right, I would experience my first CD clit. Well, she did not seem to mind the abbreviated version as she glided into my bedroom with the grace of a movie star walking into the spot light. 

I turned just before my massive four poster bed and slowly dropped to my knees, feasting on her tight, body in the black, short, skin tight mini dress. She did not express any surprise, and just rested her right hand on my shoulder so she could run her fingers through my soft, long auburn hair. She deftly grabbed the center hem of her short mini dress and pulled it up to reveal a very sheer, lacey garter belt, with black thigh high fish net stockings, and matching black, fishnet style sheer panties. She was so expertly tucked, I had no idea what to expect when I grabbed the top of her panties with my teeth and pulled them down, all the while looking up at her with my yearning, lustful eyes, stroking her thighs with my satin gloved hands.

I was almost having an outer body experience, looking down on myself, not believing that I was already down on my knees, eagerly anticipating the sight of her clit.  And, oh, my God, what a clit. As I pulled her panties down her legs, she stepped out of them and parted her legs a little.  Then, there it was. A lovely, rapidly engorging clit, so smooth with no hair, very pink, and beginning to glow red. It looked massive and was not even hard yet as it swung down between her smooth, muscular thighs. I leaned forward, parted my lips and extended my tongue to lick the underside of her clit as it began to rise with anticipation of my warm, soft tongue licking it, adoring it. I shuddered with a wave of goose bumps as my tongue make contact with her clit head.  I leaned a little more forward and allowed her clit to glide into my mouth on my flattened tongue. 


Now, with her head in my mouth, the feeling was electric. Heat moved through my body. Every sensation was apparent. The soft skin of the bridge of her clit head on my lips, the softness of her hardening clit against my lips and tongue, the slow movement of the underside of her clit against my tongue, and the fullness of her clit in my mouth as it began to expand to gigantic proportions. I was filled with a lust I had never experienced before.

 I sat back for a second, put my hands up to gather my full, thick hair and quickly put it into a make shift ponytail so that it would not get in the way of this, my first ever clit sucking experience.

With just the tip of her clit in my mouth, I slid both my hands up her thighs to where the garter straps connected to her stockings and snapped them. She gave out a little squeal, but it was quickly replaced with a deep moan. I felt the tightness of her muscles as I moved down her clit. I sucked her slow, with deliberate strokes of my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down, allowing her clit to penetrate to the back of my throat.

The size of her clit filled my mouth completely, and I struggled to keep my mouth ever widening to avoid any contact between her soft, hard skin and my teeth.  I had practiced so many times with large dildos, my gag reflex was long gone and I wonder if she noticed as the large head of her clit hit the back of my throat. I made sure I squeezed her clit shaft with my lips as I moved up and down on her long, slick, smooth shaft.

Once I knew she was fully hard, I released her from my mouth, holding onto her base with my left hand. What a sight. She had a larger than average clit. Easily 8.5 inches long and 2 full inches in diameter at the base. My mouth was watering and I paused to take in the moment for just a second. I marveled at how I was affected by her clit. Just staring at it, watching its veins and ridges pulse with her heart beat made me feel like I was almost about to cum. How was that possible?

I snapped out of my moment, twisted us and pushed against her lightly so she would sit down on the edge of the bed. I moved closer to her, and when the head of her clit moved back into my mouth, her hands started rubbing my head and shoulders, urging me on, to take her deeper.

She somehow grew even larger as I put her back into my mouth, and because her clit was smooth, she seemed larger than life. I noticed her scent and the smell was intoxicating. I cupped her balls with my hands, took breaks from sucking and licked up and down her shaft. When I was out of breath from sucking her, I put her balls in my mouth, a feeling that nearly sent me over the edge. Speaking about going over the edge, when I sucked her balls into my wet, warm mouth, I could hear her moans deepen, and become more guttural.

When she moved her hands off my head and tried to reach around and grab my left tit, I nearly came in my panties, tucked and all. She leaned over to try and get a better grip on both my nipples through the sheer fabric of my lacey, short mini dress, as I sucked her down my throat for the first time. If I had not been tucked well, I would have sprung free and soiled the carpet right then as my fantasy had always been that I would be nipple clipped while giving head and it was about to happen.

To assist her, I moved off my knees and sat up so she would have access to my tits, and in particular, my off, so, sensitive nipples. She pushed my tits together, grabbed them and pulled them apart, found my nipples and swirled around my areolas lightly at first, and then more forcibly. When she pinched my nipples hard I released her clit from my mouth and moaned, telling her to not hold back, to pinch them hard. Twist them hard. Pull on them and tell me to be a good girl.

What was I saying? But what an effect. She took my lead and grabbed both nipples between her long, sharp fingernails and locked them into a vice like grab which actually gave me my first non-ejaculatory orgasm. I just sat there, looking stunned, mouth open and panting like a puppy, wanting more.

After recovering, I returned my attention her clit and with no advance notice, just plunged down and took all 8.5 inches of her massive clit down my throat. She gasped, but returned her attention to my nipples to coax me further, knowing that she had tapped into a pleasure zone for me and wanting to coax me further to lose all inhibitions, to give into her, to be the good little submissive CD sister I had always wanted to be for just the right one.


Momentarily, she tried to pull off my dress as she said she liked to watch me work her clit in nothing but my bra and panties. No way. I could not take the time to remove her clit from my mouth and just said.

“Not yet. I want to suck you off. Lay back on the bed.”

The command didn’t seem to bother her. She laid back on the bed, her beautiful, fish net stockinged legs still hanging over the side. She propped herself up on her elbows so she could get a better view of me sliding her large clit into and out of my wet, and becoming wetter mouth. She marveled at my throat control and told me that no one had ever taken her that deep without gaging before. I pulled her clit out so just her head was in my mouth and purred that I had been practicing a long time for someone just like her. The vibration of my voice on the sensitive underside of her clit was pleasing and she told me to start purring like a cat. I took her clit out of my mouth and with vibrating lips, made little purring noises up and down her clit, all the way down to her balls, and even farther down to her rose bud. I could feel the shiver run through her as my lips made contact with her puckered hole and decided to linger a second. I extended the tip of my tongue, made it into a hard spear and pushed against her rose bud which finally succumbed to the pressure and opened for me. I darted my tongue in and out about 20 times and she started a continuous low moan, but I needed to get back to her clit. 

I reinserted her clit into my mouth and did not stop until I could feel her balls against my chin. I held her clit here for a few seconds, just moving only an inch in and out, as I knew, somehow, I just knew that this would send her over the top. I held the base of her large clit with my left hand, started to play with the skin under her balls with my right hand which had lost its glove a while ago, and even teased her rose bud with my middle finger. I started a rhythmic deep throating sequence and her moans got even louder.

I could feel her tense. Her balls retracted, and I knew she was coming. I started just sucking the head, taking only an inch or two more beyond it in my mouth with furious speed. I moved my tongue on her clit head and the underside of her clit, and with my tongue flicking her hole, she finally exploded.

The surge surprised me, but I fought the reflex to withdraw. When the first shot came, I felt the force of the shot against my tongue and immediately the taste filled my mouth. The second shot was thicker, and with much more force, and it splattered against the back of my throat. As she kept Cumming, the only sensation I felt was the increasing volume in my mouth, the change in taste and feel in my mouth from a thinner and salty taste to a thicker more bitter taste. I could tell she was Cumming less and less, eventually to the point where I knew she was done, but I kept sucking her until I could feel her soften in my mouth, wringing out every last drop of cum with my right hand. 

With her cum still filling my mouth, I didn’t want to release her. She bucked on the bed with my every movement, and she tried to sit up and clearly was not wanting, but urging me to stop. As her stiffness relaxed, I finally let her slide out of my mouth, but as I did, some of her cum leaked out of my mouth before I could close my lips all the way. It slid out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I dragged my finger over the cum and reinserted it into my mouth to mingle with the rest. I stood and then sat on the edge of the bed, her cum still in my mouth, me swirling it around so I could concentrate on the feel. With her clit gone, it appeared to be much less than it felt like as I was sucking her , and with my eyes closed concentrating on her cum in my mouth, I felt her hand rub against my back.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

I turned to look at her and realized that she must think that I wanted to spit her cum out. I smiled and swallowed all of her cum at the same time, feeling her load slide down the back of my throat, coating the back of my tongue with the thin glaze that cum provides to remind you just how it tastes and feels. That interesting tingling sensation, very distinctive taste and unique aroma.

I think I had my second non-ejaculatory orgasm just as I swallowed her voluminous cum and was shocked by it. I just sat back on my feet still in my 5 inch stilettos, feeling the tingling sensation of her cum in my mouth, down my throat, filling me and All I could think about was that I wanted more….

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