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Profile Pix.

Posted: 1 year ago - Jun 13, 2022

As you probably have noticed I tend to post far too many images of myself in my profile. As this is now my only social media I guess I indulge myself a little too much. The point is, if you don't like them don't look, simple. I have noticed that some members seem to get hot under the collar about peoples photo images, accusing them of being photoshopped or using a face app. Even accusing people of using fake or other peoples images. SO WHAT ! I know mine are real and keep my assumptions about other peoples images to myself, or private at least. I do not blurt out any accusations in any public room. What many who seem to like to doubt everyone else don't seem to understand is this: some people do use enhanced or 'fake' images but the reasons for them doing this can be manifold. Some girls that use the site may have circumstances that prevent them presenting as their real selves. Some may have a limited wardrobe some may have very limited make up skills some may have a beard...the list goes on. Some girls may never be able to dress due to family or work complicating things. But this does not stop them being who they are inside. So if this site is the only way that they can be their feminine selves and interact with all the wonderful people that do come here then SO WHAT ! Tolerance and understanding cost nothing. So next time you go to call someone out in public, it happens I have witnessed it several times, just stop for a second and think ! or are you just selfish, bitter and bone headed.

And whilst we are on the subject of pix. Why do people feel the need to post theirs in the Lobby, breaking up the conversation, when they have a profile which, as I can verify, will accommodate all the pix you will ever want to post.

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