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BiancaAE Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Aug. 12, 2022
Joined: Apr 10, 2020
Age: 38
Gender: T(M2F)
Location: Portland, OR, US
Interested In: Crossdresser
Height: 6 ft. 3 in. /190.50 cm.
Race/Ethnicity: Black
About Me
Welcome! I'm Bianca, a non-op trans woman, fulltime for several years now. Recently, I've realized that I am definitely physically and possibly emotionally attracted to MtF crossdressers. I know how unlikely it seems, but I am new to these feelings and looking to safely explore acting on them. It is my hope to build genuine feelings of open, compatible communication and gradual trust to accompany mutual physical attraction within negotiated boundaries.

I am not attracted to men in the traditional masculine sense of westernized manhood, but I am curious to know the "woman within" which calls you to the delights of womanhood, particularly how you make it work with the body you've got to pull off a full look. I will not push you out of a closet you are not ready to depart, nor will I shepherd you into a transition, but I do expect an established, verifiable sense of self. I am willing to meet you, a man who crossdresses and appears to the world as a woman, exactly at that point of womanhood, as often as you'd like.

This is not the extent of my attraction model, but I am here specifically to explore this one. If you are a cis man who does not crossdress, or only does so partially, I am not the woman for you, and while I will not chat with you I wish you well in your search for her. If you are a woman who finds trans women attractive, feel free to send a message, but do understand that the bulk of my time here will be dedicated to the crossdressers I've made explicitly clear I'm here to focus on.

Age, race, and weight are generally unimportant to me. I do appreciate effort and personal pride in your appearance. I understand some secondary grooming/accessory pursuits aren't feasible. Reasonable discernment can inform where upon that spectrum you are. While I am open to sharing clothing and shoes if we get along and our sizes are comparable, I am not here to be a one-way closet. Empty profiles will not be entertained. See ya around!
Religion: Zen
Political Views: Democratic Socialist

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