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Forced fem fantasy / Sissies / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2022-08-19 17:08:29

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Forced fem fantasy

Ok, so, here it goes.  Never shared this with anyone.

I am usually a masculine, straight presenting professional man.  Big, muscular, the kind of guy they cast in truck commercials.  But I've been secretly dressing in women's clothing for years.  Only in the privacy of my hotel rooms on business travel, and only when I'm alone.  And I feel INCREDIBLY sensual when I do it.  Putting on thigh highs and a garter belt, a padded bra, and a dress just gives me thesw incredibly feminine urges I don't feel any other time. So...

...I started browsing sissy porn while I did it, especially the photo caption stuff. And it makes me want things I've never wanted before.  When I'm sitting there in a skirt, alone in my hotel room, I can feel my lips part a little when I see a cock. I rub my chest, wishing I had nice, round tits underneath instead of just padding.  I start to wonder what it would feel like to be overpowered by a man, to have him flip my dress up and grab my hips.  I wonder if he could actually make me enjoy having him inside me. 

It's a little scary. I don't feel these things when I'm not dressed up, I don't really need or want to dress full time, or even to shave smooth so I could be more passable part time.  I wonder if I had someone in the room with me, urging me on, forcing me to be more feminine, if I would change my mind about that.  If once I did it, I wouldn't want anything else.  I guess it wouldn't even be forced fem, so much as encouraged fem, because I don't really need or want pain or restraints to push me over the edge. Maybe just a woman who likes making men into sissies, and would help me be more presentable before introducing me to the man she had selected. I would have real trouble asking a man to dominate and feminize me when I'm not dressed, but I think maybe a woman or another CD could help me get there.  Anyway, thanks for listening, writing this down helped me sort it out a bit.


#2 2022-08-22 12:27:57

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Re: Forced fem fantasy

Don't be afraid to explore this side of yourself.  If it's strictly sexual for you, that's fine, but also don't feel ashamed or dirty if you feel a desire to explore this outside of being 'forced'. 

I would dare you to explore this other part of you without thinking of it sexually and realize that you're not looking to be forced... you're looking for affirmation (just like the rest of us when we started).  Discover how much fun it can be to just be yourself.  Get your ears pierced (guys do that, too, right?) and buy some dangly ear-rings.  Paint your nails and go out in public (you'll be amazed at how many people don't even notice, and how much you'll want to do it more).  Buy a long nightgown for yourself and wear it to bed. Make the next pair of shoes you buy some flat mary-janes in your size (because why not?). 

In short, this is your life.  End of story.  You obviously have the desire to do this, all I'm saying is there's nothing wrong with it (because there isn't).  Also, you're a grown... person who can think for yourself.  It just breaks my heart to see someone who might end up repressing such a fun and beautiful side to their personality.


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